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Three-phase Separator Separation Efficiency
- Aug 25, 2017 -

The three-phase separator is an upflow anaerobic sludge bed reactor (UASB) used in biological wastewater treatment to separate digestive gas, digestive juice and sludge particles. In fact it is part of UASB!

Separator, as the name suggests is to separate the material, Three-phase Separator the market separator products, three-phase separator is our main use of a field of industrial products, that three-phase separator how? Then let's take a look!

Three-phase separator is mainly used for gas-solid-liquid three-phase separation, belonging to the separation equipment.The separator consists of mud warehouse, water tank two parts, the two are connected, as one. Three-phase Separator The silo is made up of the cylinder, the head, the air inlet, the air outlet, the filter module, the mudstone, the dumper, the drain and the manhole.

Commonly used glass fiber reinforced plastic three-phase separator, Three-phase Separator glass fiber reinforced plastic is a good insulator, to flammable, explosive oil, gas environment, safe use, Three-phase Separator how to prevent oil and gas flow generated by static electricity and electrostatic discharge, Become the key to the success of the development of the problem.

How about three-phase separators

1, the system is compact

2, high separation efficiency

3, high performance flexibility

4, Three-phase Separator according to customer specifications custom design

5, clean and dirty conditions alternative

6, quick opening device (if necessary)

7, Three-phase Separator shell design in line with ASME standard or non-standard design

8, efficient separation of hydrocarbons, gas, free water, solid

9, investment and operation and maintenance costs low

The three-phase separator is used for the upflow anaerobic sludge bed reactor (UASB) in biological wastewater treatment to separate digestive, Three-phase Separator digestive and sludge particles. Digestive gas is derived from the top of the reactor; sludge particles are automatically slipped to the sludge bed at the bottom of the reactor; the digestive juice is discharged from the clarification zone.