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Three-phase Separator Performance Flexibility
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Three-phase separator is mainly used for gas-solid-liquid three-phase separation, belonging to the separation equipment.The separator consists of mud warehouse, water tank two parts, Three-phase Separator both on the next connected to become one. The silo is made up of cylinder, head, air inlet, outlet, filter assembly, dredger, dumper, drain and manhole.

The three-phase separator comprises a separable drum (1) of at least an inner single conical or double conical shape which is rotatably supported only on one of its axial ends about a vertical axis of rotation, Three-phase Separator and the The separator drum has a rotary spindle for driving the separator drum only on its lower end portion or its upper end portion, the rotary main shaft being swingably supported around a movable node, an inlet pipe (4) for a product to be processed, ; At least two liquid outlets for the lighter phase (LP) and the heavy phase (HP); a separation tray stack (9) disposed in the separator drum; a pressure chamber (17) Change the position of the separation zone between the light phase and the heavy phase. The liquid outlet for the lighter phase is provided with a skim plate (11). (14) is provided in the axial direction before the overflow port (13), the radius of which is greater than the radius of the spill of the heavy phase, so that the heavy phase flows around the catching disc before flowing out of the overflow port. The skidding chamber surrounding the skim disk is axially downwardly and upwardly defined by a stop plate extending radially outwardly to a radius smaller than the outer diameter of the skim tray; Three-phase Separator And a stopper which defines the skirt for the upper limit.

How about three-phase separators

1, the system is compact

2, high separation efficiency

3, high performance flexibility

4, according to customer specifications custom design

5, clean and dirty conditions alternative

6, quick open device (if required)

7, shell design in line with ASME standard or non-standard design

8, Three-phase Separator efficient separation of hydrocarbons, gas, free water, solid

9, low investment and operation and maintenance costs

Three-phase separator use

The three-phase separator is used for the upflow anaerobic sludge bed reactor (UASB) in biological wastewater treatment to separate digestive, digestive and sludge particles. Three-phase Separator Digestive gas is derived from the top of the reactor; the sludge particles are automatically slipped to the sludge bed at the bottom of the reactor; the digestive juice is discharged from the clarification zone.

The structure of the three-phase separator is divided into separate settling chamber and oil chamber. Oil, gas, water mixture into the three-phase separator, the rectifier, corrugated board group, swash plate group after most of the liquid settling to the separation of the liquid chamber, a small part of the liquid by the liquid gravity continue to settle, the remaining Of the liquid is further separated by the demister, Three-phase Separator the gas through the pressure regulating valve into the natural system. The settling oil and water mixture are separated for a period of time and gradually stratified by the difference in density. The water is deposited at the bottom of the water collecting bag and the liquid phase zone, and the upper part of the liquid phase zone is the oil layer. When the oil level is higher than the top of the oil pan when the oil slowly into the oil chamber, Three-phase Separator and then discharged from the lower part of the oil chamber outlet. Three-phase Separator The water settling of the liquid phase is separated from the bottom of the settling chamber and discharged through the discharge valve.