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The Sludge Scraper Is Often Maintained
- Jun 28, 2017 -

Sludge scraper sludge discharge device is based on the principle of connecting pipe, the use of liquid level difference, the sedimentation in the bottom of the activated sludge side scraping, side automatically sent to the sludge tank, sludge sludge Flow to the center of the mud tank, and then by the center of the mud tube and drainage tube out of the pool.

Sludge scraper to be regularly maintained, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine an annual overhaul maintenance, maintenance and maintenance should always be done:

1) sludge scraper operation should ensure that the reducer of the oil standard position in the specified height, and without interruption in the active parts of the lubricating oil;

2) check the scraper water connection parts are loose;

3) check the sealing of the rotating seal;

4) check the sealing of the collector device;

5) check the underwater parts to check the corrosion of the parts, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine the sealing of the sealing parts, rubber scraper wear and so on;

6) large maintenance according to the scraper construction drawings required anti-corrosion coating to re-corrosion.

When the sludge scraper is running,

1) The machine has an overcurrent protection device, in the event of failure can immediately stop to protect the motor. Share from Ningde environmental technology.

2) If the start-up is difficult, the sludge wiper should be pushed before starting the motor.

3) sludge scraper for the continuous working system, encountered a long time after the failure of shutdown, re-open before the need to empty the pool of sewage, artificial removal of sludge deposition before re-use.

Sludge treatment is an important part of the sewage treatment, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine sludge treatment directly affect the effect of sewage treatment, the industry between the popular words, water treatment mud, equal to white governance. The sludge scraper is an important equipment for sludge treatment.

With the rapid development of China's sewage treatment in recent years, the problem of sludge is becoming increasingly difficult. China's sludge disposal path is very uneven, sludge production has been increasing, sludge treatment and disposal capacity is also increasing, but the two "increase" the rate is not the same. Therefore, China's current sludge disposal situation is relatively worse. Most of the sludge can not be properly disposed of, but simply abandoned and buried, which will cause secondary pollution, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine seriously affecting the environmental management effect. In particular, the demand for sludge treatment equipment for sewage treatment plants is expanding, and the same level of products in China is gradually recognized as the domestic market in the use of foreign products with high cost and difficult maintenance problems.