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The Sludge Scraper Has A High Efficiency
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Sludge scraper device, has the following advantages:

(1) sludge exhaust thoroughly, the device using the number of muddy mud, sludge scraper efficiency, sludge no dead ends, the scene once every four hours mud, mud six times a day, each sludge 18min, from the run Up to now there is no clear tank once. The thickness of settling mud in the tank has been around 40 ~ 50cm.

(2) the use of static pressure mud, low energy consumption. The original way of mud has five mud mouth, sludge scraper sludge only one mouth, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine compared with the original sludge, the words of the sludge required for the smaller amount of water, saving a lot of water.

(3) simple operation, easy maintenance. The complete set of equipment is installed at the bottom of the settling tank. Can achieve remote control and automatic scraping mud, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine with overload protection device, smooth and reliable operation.

(4) through the use of the newly developed scraping mud device, the second oil production cost savings of 160,000 yuan / a, saving cleaning costs 200,000 yuan / a, saving pharmaceutical costs 150,000 yuan / a. Direct benefits of 510,000 yuan / a; water quality load rate increased by 5%

(5) The developed sludge scraper device relies on the rotation of the manipulator to stir the tank with low sludge and then discharge it through the suction mud on the manipulator to solve the sludge deposition problem, greatly improve the sludge discharge efficiency, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine Elimination of the mud in the tank dead zone, the complete realization of the settling tank can not stop producing mud. Compared with the original sludge arrangement has obvious technical advantages

(6) the advantages of less investment, the process is simple, the disadvantage is the lower efficiency of sludge discharge. Can only be applied to the production of mud is not high settling tank. This kind of sludge discharge system has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance and use, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine but it is easy to form the sludge dead zone due to the limited area of the mud discharge, and can not effectively remove all the mud in the tank, and eventually lead to the shutdown and stop production.

(7) This method increases the discharge pressure of the sludge deposited at the bottom of the tank, the drainage of the sewage and the sludge, reduces the viscosity of the discharge liquid, improves the speed of the discharge liquid and improves the sludge discharge effect. Diameter and sticky suspended solids do not affect the effect of negative pressure sludge slime discharge. The disadvantage is that the need to add drainage, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine the process is more complex, high investment, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine the device arranged by the distribution of discharge more affected, there is a certain mud dead zone.

Sludge scraper in the oil field production process, oil and gas gathering and transportation, oily sewage treatment process in almost every processing station has a settling tank for sludge treatment and oil recovery. If it is effective to apply the built-in sludge scraper to the settling tank, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine it will first provide a good guarantee for the post-treatment of the oily wastewater to ensure the water quality: secondly, the automatic sludge discharge will improve the production efficiency and the long- Clear cans, reduce labor intensity.

There are 14 sewage settling tanks in the plate oil production plant. According to the calculation of the cans of the sewage settling tank on a quarterly basis, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine the number of times can be more than 56 times per year, and the cost of each tank is about 20,000 yuan, such as 14 sewage settling tank Are used to develop the scraping mud device, can save the cost of cleaning equipment 112 million / a. Application of built-in scraping mud device, which can effectively improve the settlement effect, reduce the number of cleaning tank cleaning more than 50% to reduce the impact of artificial cans on the production, can reduce the cleaning costs 600,000 yuan / a.

Sludge scraper sludge discharge efficiency is high, for the water quality after the settlement system is fully applicable to meet the sewage sedimentation tank can not stop the demand for sludge. The device can greatly improve the efficiency of sewage treatment system, improve the settlement effect, with a broad application prospects and promotion value.