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The Role Of Air Flotation
- Jun 14, 2017 -

What are the stages of the air flotation process?

(1) raw material preparation. Preparation of raw materials before air flotation, including grinding, mixing, dosing, stirring and so on. After grinding the raw material size to meet certain requirements, the main purpose is to make the vast majority of useful minerals from the mosaic state of the monomer dissociation, another purpose is to make the bubbles can carry negative ore particles floating, generally need to be fine to less than 0.2 Mm. Mixing pulp refers to the raw material dubbed the appropriate concentration of pulp. Later add a variety of air flotation agent to enhance the useful mineral and gangue mineral surface floatability difference. Air Floatation The purpose of the agitation is to make the air flotation agent fully functional with the mineral particles.

(2) stirring inflatable. Rely on the air flotation machine agitator for mixing and inhalation of air, you can also set a special pressure device into the air pressure. The purpose is to make the mineral particles were suspended, and produce a large number of appropriate size and more stable bubbles, Air Floatation resulting in mineral particles and bubble contact collision opportunities.

(3) the mineralization of bubbles. With the role of air flotation agent, the surface hydrophobic ore particles can be attached to the bubble, and gradually rose to the slurry surface and the formation of mineralized foam. The surface hydrophilic particles can not be attached to the bubbles and remain in the pulp. This is the most basic behavior of air flotation separation minerals.

(4) Mineralized foam. In order to maintain continuous production, timely discharge of mineral foam, air flotation machine rotating scraper to scrap it, this product is called "foam concentrate." The products that are left in the pulp and then discharged are called "tailings".

Air flotation when the most appropriate determination of the concentration of pulp and ore properties and air flotation conditions, Air Floatation the general rule is:

(1) large flotation of the air flotation density of the use of thicker pulp, air flotation density of small minerals are used more dilute pulp;

(2) air flotation coarse-grained materials with thicker pulp, air flotation fine particles and mud-like materials are more dilute slurry.

(3) rough selection and cleaning with a thicker pulp, can reduce the consumption of pharmaceuticals and air flotation machine number, and the selection is more dilute slurry, Air Floatation you can get high quality Taige concentrates.

Ore rough when the pulp concentration of 25% to 35%, air flotation fine particles and mud with high ore 10% to 20%.