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Sorting Method Of Air Flotation
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Air flotation is a common method of flotation in water treatment. It uses mechanical shearing force to crush air mixed in water into tiny bubbles for air flotation. According to the method of crushing bubbles, it can be divided into suction air floatation, diffuser plate aeration floatation, Jet Air floatation and impeller air floatation. Air flotation equipment is simple, easy to achieve, but the low degree of fragmentation, the formation of a larger bubble size, small surface area, fast movement, bubble and the removal of pollutants contact time is short, Air Floatation so the effect of high removal is not reached.

is based on the difference of physical and chemical properties of mineral particles on the surface of mineral, according to the differences in the flotation method.

The process of separating mineral particles from physicochemical properties of mineral surface is the most widely used mineral processing method. Almost all ores can be selected by air flotation. such as gold, silver, Galena, Sphalerite, pyrite, Hui-cu, Hui-mo ore, nickel pyrite and other sulfide minerals, malachite, white lead, smithsonite, polar ore and hematite, cassiterite, black tungsten ore, ilmenite, Beryl, lithium, and rare earth metal minerals, uranium ore, such as the selection of oxidized minerals. Graphite, sulphur yellow, diamond, quartz, mica, feldspar and other non-metallic minerals and silicate minerals and fluorite, apatite, barite and other non-metallic salts minerals and potash, rock salt and other soluble salts of mineral selection. Another important use of air flotation is to reduce ash in fine-grained coal and remove fine-grained pyrite from coal. The world's annual air flotation treatment of ore and materials has billions of tons. The large-scale concentrator handles 100,000 tons of ore per day. The production index and equipment efficiency of air flotation are all higher, the recovery rate of sulphide ores is more than 90%, Air Floatation the grade of concentrate can be close to the theoretical grade of pure mineral. Using air flotation to treat polymetallic symbiotic minerals, such as copper, lead, zinc and other polymetallic ore ores can be separated from copper, lead, zinc and pyrite, and other fine ore, Air Floatation and can be very high selection index.

Air flotation is suitable for the treatment of fine grain and fine grained materials, and it is difficult to recover fine ore particles smaller than 10μm by other beneficiation methods, and can be treated by air flotation. Some special treatment of extremely fine particles of air flotation technology, can be recycled lower lower particle size, ultrafine air flotation and ion air flotation technology can be recovered from colloidal particles to the molecular, ionic state of various substances. Air flotation can also be selected in the Fire metallurgy intermediate products, Air Floatation volatile and slag of the useful ingredients, treatment of hydrometallurgical leaching slag and replacement of precipitated products, recovery of chemical products (such as pulp, surface active substances, etc.) and waste water in the inorganic and organic matter.

The development trend is that the content of the ore with the air flotation treatment is getting lower and thinner, the composition is more and more complex and difficult to choose, at the same time, the Air flotation field is expanding, including other beneficiation methods difficult to effect the treatment of fine mud materials, old concentrator tailings reprocessing, a variety of scrap metal material recovery and waste treatment, utilization, and sewage purification. Therefore, it is necessary to: ① continue to develop new air flotation process and large-scale and efficient air flotation equipment; ② Research the strong force, selectivity, low dosage, non-toxic or toxic small air flotation reagents; ③ study on the mathematical model of air flotation and automatic control of process, Air Floatation optimize the process to achieve the best sorting effect, in order to improve economic efficiency; ④ further study the mechanism of air flotation from the aspects of mineral technology, chemistry, physics, surface chemistry, fluid dynamics and probability statistics, in order to guide the production practice of air flotation. and further develop the theory system of air flotation. Self-priming air flotation machine, inflatable mixer with similar pump suction characteristics, both self-priming air and self-priming pulp. Mechanical stirring type air flotation machine (commonly known as a type) is characterized by: first, the cover plate is fitted with a $number guide vane. Second, the impeller, cover plate, vertical shaft, intake manifold, bearing, pulley, etc. assembled into a whole part. Third, a circle of upright fins was installed around the trough to prevent the slurry from producing eddy currents. Inflatable stirring type air flotation machine its characteristics are: 1, inflatable capacity is easy to adjust alone, 2, mechanical stirrer wear small, 3, the election index is good, 4, low power consumption. 5, the effect of large gas, 6, the formation of a pulp rising flow. Inflatable air flotation machine Inflatable Air flotation machine: 1, structural characteristics: no mechanical stirrer without transmission parts; 2, inflatable characteristics: Inflatable, bubble size from the inflatable structure adjustment; 3, bubble and slurry mixing characteristics: countercurrent mixing. Use: processing of simple, high-grade, easy to choose ore coarse, sweep. Air Flotation column has simple structure, small footprint, convenient maintenance, easy operation and saving power. Gas Precipitation air flotation separator air flotation machine mainly used in fine-grained mineral air flotation and oily wastewater from the oil-free air flotation. Air flotation machine is mainly used for the selection of copper, zinc, lead, nickel, Air Floatation gold and other non-ferrous metals, can also be used for ferrous metals and non-metallic coarse selection and selection. The separator is driven by the Motor Triangle belt drive impeller rotation, resulting in a centrifugal action to form a negative pressure, on the one hand, the inhalation of sufficient air and slurry mixing, on the one hand, mixing pulp and medicine mixing, while refining the foam, so that mineral bonding foam above, floating to the slurry surface to form a mineralized Adjust the height of the gate, control the liquid surface, so that the useful foam is scraped out by the scraper. The coal slime and the medicament are fully mixed and then given into the groove of the first chamber of the air flotation machine, impeller rotation, the formation of negative pressure in the wheel cavity, so that the trough and groove in the pulp by the impeller suction and the upper suction mouth into the mixing zone, also make the air along the guide gas sleeve into the mixing area, pulp, air and medicament mixed here. Under the action of centrifugal force of impeller, the mixed slurry enters the mineralization zone, air bubbles and crushed, with full contact with coal particles, forming a mineralized bubble, in the stator and turbulence plate, evenly distributed in the cross-section of the groove, and move up into the separation zone, enriched to form a foam layer, from the blowing mechanism to form a clean coal foam. Select the rotating ring slow rotation, when the separation room into the floating field, Air Floatation when the selected material by the slurry distributor to 6 points, the weak magnetic particles are sucked on the plate and with the separation ring rotation. Under the action of gravity and pulp flow, non-magnetic ore particles are discharged into the tailings groove of the lower part of the separation ring by the gap of the tooth plate. When the separation room is transferred to the middle mine cleaning position, a small amount of cleaning water is given, the gangue, the then body and the slime are washed into the tailings trough (the machine does not have the middle mine groove), in order to improve the quality of concentrate. When the separation chamber is transferred to a weak magnetic field (concentrate flushing area), the pressure water is sprayed into the fine ore trough, and the weak magnetic ore particles sucked on the tooth plate are flushed into the concentrate groove. The sorting chamber then turns to another polarity opposite magnetic field, with the separation ring one weeks each, each of which is repeated 6 times. Coal particles that are not mineralized on the bottom of the trough will be mixed, mineralized and separated again through the circulation hole and the upper suction port. The trough is not absorbed by the impeller part of the slurry, through buried in the ore slurry into the second chamber of the trough, Air Floatation complete the first room after the whole process, into the third room, the air flotation machine so cycle, pulp through the last room into the tailings box discharged the final tailings.