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Sludge Scraping And Suction Machine Scraping Mud Effect Is Good
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Sludge scraping machine is the floating on the water surface of the solid suspension and the sludge at the bottom of the pond continuously removed, scraping mud scraper along the pool surface and the bottom of the pool movement, and suspended from the liquid side of the inlet to the export end. Wiper scraper Scraper is fixed in the chain of the two ends of the chain plate scraper scraping mud machine working principle, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine scraping mud scraper is driven by driving sprocket drive device to drive. The scraping mud scraper moves along the entire width of the groove, scraping the contaminants into the slag chute and scraping the sludge into the sludge bucket.

Sludge scraping and suction machine is widely used in flat-flow sedimentation tank sludge scraping, suction. The sludge scraper is compact in structure, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine reliable in work and equipped with automatic control and overload protection system. The track spacing is 4 meters below the sludge scraping suction machine uses the intermediate centralism drive. The two-sided synchronous drive is used when the spacing is more than 6 meters.

The sludge scraping and suction machine is suitable for the mechanical discharge of the radial flow type or vertical flow sedimentation tank (φ<15m) of the center without supporting piers. The machine is equipped with a fixed platform across the pool, and the load of the whole machine works at the center of the work Bridge, and the sewage flows through the center of the pool to four weeks. With the decrease of the flow rate, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine the suspended substance in the sewage is deposited in the bottom of the pond, and the mud scraper is discharged from the sludge pipe by the static water pressure.

Characteristics of sludge scraping and suction machine:

1. The scraper adopts logarithmic spiral curve form, and adopts the rubber wheel support to walk along the bottom of the pool, the effect of scraping mud is good, the requirement of the bottom is lower and the adaptability is good;

2, in addition to the main scraping mud device, but also installed a unique auxiliary scraping device, so that the half bridge scraping mud function of the whole bridge scraping machine effect;

3, the work Bridge uses the truss structure, the bridge deck lays the steel grating, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine the intensity is high, the weight is light, the energy consumption province;

4, driving wheel for solid rubber wheel, no track, simple structure, easy installation;

5, the underwater components are stainless steel materials, water components using carbon steel and hot dip galvanized, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine good corrosion resistance, long service life.

Sludge scraping machine is a kind of dumping equipment, mainly used in steel, metallurgy, mining, water treatment and other industries, in the sewage treatment industry has a very important role.

In order to prolong the service life of the sludge scraping and suction machine, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine the necessary maintenance and maintenance of the sludge scraper must be carried out.

1, the transmission and lubrication part of the regular inspection.

2. Add grease to slewing support (normally three months)

3. Remove rust from the exposed part to ensure that it is not oxidized.

4, the sludge scraping and suction machine on a regular basis to check, the problems arising in a timely manner.

5, the sludge scraping and suction machine accessories maintenance. Regular maintenance of accessories according to the requirements of manufacturers.

6, the equipment by the personnel management, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine and understand the relevant principles