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Sewage Treatment Equipment Has Been Widely Used
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Sewage treatment equipment, can effectively deal with urban sewage, industrial wastewater, to avoid direct flow of sewage and pollutants into the waters, Sewage Treatment Equipment to improve the ecological environment, enhance the city grade and promote economic development is of great significance. Here to analyze the main characteristics of sewage treatment equipment which:

1, can be buried under the surface

2, automatic control, no personnel management

3, no sludge backflow

4, Sewage Treatment Equipment simple operation, easy maintenance

5, low noise, no smell

6, long service life

Sewage treatment equipment to remove organic pollutants and ammonia nitrogen, mainly depends on the equipment in the AO biological treatment process, Sewage Treatment Equipment the following Xiaobian to tell us about the working principle of sewage treatment equipment, we hope to help:

Sewage treatment equipment works in the A-level, because the concentration of organic pollutants is high, microbial in anoxic state, when the micro-organisms for facultative microorganisms, so A-class pool not only has a certain organic matter removal function, reduce the follow-up aerobic pool Organic load, organic matter concentration decreased, but there is still a certain amount of organic matter and higher NH3-N exists. Sewage Treatment Equipment In order to allow the organic matter to be further oxidized and decomposed, the nitrification can proceed smoothly under the carbonization, and the aerobic biological contact oxidation tank with lower organic load is set in the O stage. In the O-class pool, there are mainly aerobic microorganisms and self-oxygen bacteria (nitrifying bacteria). (Nitrifying bacteria) using organic matter decomposition of inorganic carbon or air CO2 as a nutrient source, Sewage Treatment Equipment the sewage NH3-N into NO-2-N (N-nitric acid) by the decomposition of organic matter into CO2 and H2O; , NO-3-N, O-stage effluent part of the water back to the A-class pool, for the A-class pool to provide electronic receiver, through the denitrification of the final elimination of nitrogen pollution.

Sewage treatment equipment with less investment, the effect is good, Sewage Treatment Equipment the operation without energy support and other characteristics, has been widely used, the effect is more significant.