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Medium Filter Solves Residents ' Water Problems
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Medium filter is an indispensable filtration device for conveying medium piping system, medium filter is usually installed on the inlet end of pressure relief valve, relief valve, water level valve or other equipment to remove impurities in the medium to protect the normal use of valves and equipment. Medium filter has the characteristics of advanced structure, small resistance, convenient sewage and so on. Medium filter suitable for water, oil, gas. General pass water Network for 18~30 mesh, ventilation net for $number mesh, Medium Filter the oil network for the 100~480 mesh, Shanghai, a production of medium-sized filters can be produced according to user requirements filter network, medium temperature: ≤425℃. (Flange size PN1.0MPa according to GB4216.4-84 Standard, PN1.6MPa by GB4216.5-84 Standard, PN2.5MPa by GB9113.4-88 Standard)

Medium filter to filter results for sewage treatment services

In recent years, China's drought has been increasing, many cities are faced with water difficulties. The scarcity of water resources, so that we have to come up with a variety of economical methods to realize the importance of water-saving, improve the utilization of water, Medium Filter and increase the treatment of sewage. Medium filter comes into being under the call of the Times, it is a good sewage treatment equipment to alleviate the drought.

Medium filter can be used in industry, agriculture, electronics, medicine, construction, steel, metallurgy, papermaking and other industries of water filtration. In particular, the use of recycled water in the factory, so that the maximum effective utilization of water resources. Medium Filter A new clean water is needed to complete each program, medium filters can filter the used water, and can protect the lasting life of other equipment, do not affect the normal use, in this case, water can save more water resources, so as to contribute to drought. Furthermore, medium filter has high strength, long service life, convenient cleaning and no dead end, its wide application, Medium Filter so that many areas of our country are exempt from the water, but also greatly improve the utilization of water sources, thus saving a large amount of resources.

As the Earth's temperature continues to rise, the ground water in our land is becoming scarce, not only in the north, but also in the islands and coastal areas of Zhejiang. However, in recent years, thanks to the continuous improvement of treatment technology in sewage treatment industry in China, Medium Filter a variety of new type of medium-sized filters such as sewage treatment equipment so that the residents of Zhejiang Island area water problems have been better resolved, so that people can normal living water, to solve people's water problems.

The seawater can provide us with a lot of water after the medium filter.

According to statistics, there are now 13,080 desalination plants around the world, a total of 556,000 cubic metres of potable water per day, only 0.5% of the world's water can be produced, and now the seawater desalination revolution. A large amount of seawater desalination can effectively solve our current water problem. Medium Filter But the energy needed for desalination projects is large, high cost, and the use of medium filter will greatly reduce the cost of seawater desalination, will greatly reduce the turbidity of water into the key parts of the desalination system, reduce the energy consumption of the desalination system, it will play a more and more important role with the application of medium filter in seawater desalination system.

Medium filter is a kind of use filter net to intercept the impurity in water directly, remove suspended solids, particulate matter, reduce turbidity, purify water quality, reduce system fouling, bacteria, algae, Medium Filter rust and other production, to purify the water quality and protect the system other equipment normal work precision equipment, it adopted the PLC\PAC technology to achieve full automatic function. Because the filtration accuracy of backwash filter is very high, the highest can reach 10 micron precision, Medium Filter reclaimed water is very clear, after a bit of processing on the human can be directly cited. The emergence of medium sized filters is the most force-giving wastewater treatment equipment in seawater desalination.