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Medium Filter Is Durable
- Sep 06, 2017 -

Medium filter with advanced structure, low resistance, short sewage time, high efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, low cost. Applicable medium for water, steam, oil, to meet the needs of different pipelines.

Medium filter is the use of hydraulic control valves and precision easy to plug the mechanical products must have the filter equipment. It is an indispensable device for the pipeline series of conveying media. It is usually installed on the inlet end of a hydraulic control valve, pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve and water level valve. It is used to eliminate impurities in the medium and prevent particulate impurities from entering Channel, Medium Filter resulting in wall plugs to protect the fittings on the equipment piping from wear and clogging. The medium-sized filter can also be fitted with a telescopic section with a Y-type telescopic filter with adjustable length.

Medium filter network with stainless steel double-layer structure, durable, with advanced structure, flow resistance is small, easy to discharge and so on, can be used for water, steam, oil, Medium Filter nitric acid, urea, oxidative media and other media. According to different needs to set the number of filter mesh, the general water network for 18 to 30 mesh, ventilation network for 40 to 100 mesh, oil network for the 100 to 480 head (special circumstances can be produced according to user requirements filter)

The medium filter is a small device that removes a small amount of solid particles from the liquid to protect the equipment from normal operation. When the fluid enters the cartridge with a certain size of the filter, its impurities are blocked and the clean filtrate is discharged from the filter outlet , Medium Filter When the need for cleaning, as long as the removable cartridge out, after processing can be reloaded, therefore, the use of maintenance is very convenient. Medium filter, also known as decontamination, filter valve, is the transmission medium of the pipeline system indispensable to a device, its role is the filter medium in the mechanical impurities, the sewage can be rust, sand, Medium Filter liquid a small amount of solid particles And so on to protect the equipment pipe fittings from wear and block, can protect the normal work of the equipment.

Medium filter is Y-shaped, one end is to make water and other liquid through, one end is the precipitation of waste, impurities, usually it is installed in the pressure relief valve, pressure relief valve, water level valve or other equipment, The role is to remove impurities in the water, to protect the normal operation of the valve and equipment, the filter to be treated by the water into the body, the water impurities deposited on the stainless steel filter, resulting in pressure. The pressure switch reaches the set value, The entire cleaning process only lasts for several tens of seconds, when the cleaning is over, close the control valve, the motor stops rotating, Medium Filter the system returns to its initial state, began to enter the next filtration process. After the installation of the equipment, by the technical staff to debug, set the filter time and cleaning conversion time, the water to be treated by the inlet into the body, the filter began to work properly.