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Medium Filter Is A Kind Of Sewage Treatment Equipment
- Sep 15, 2017 -

Medium Filter is one of the filter products, because of its structural design similar to the capital of the English letter Y, so the filter industry is called medium filter. As with the general filter, the medium filter also has the function of filtering impurities and protecting the normal operation of the equipment. However, the difference is that the structure of medium-sized filters is relatively advanced, Medium Filter sewage is very convenient and the resistance is very small.

In the medium filter work, is divided into two parts to complete. The other end of the medium, such as water, oil, and gas, flows through one end of the medium filter to precipitate waste or impurities.

Medium filter comes into being under the call of the Times, it is a good sewage treatment equipment to alleviate the drought.

Medium filter can be used in industry, agriculture, electronics, medicine, construction, steel, metallurgy, papermaking and other industries of water filtration. In particular, Medium Filter the use of recycled water in the factory, so that the maximum effective utilization of water resources. A new clean water is needed to complete each program, medium filters can filter the used water, and can protect the lasting life of other equipment, Medium Filter do not affect the normal use, in this case, water can save more water resources, so as to contribute to drought. Furthermore, medium filter has high strength, long service life, convenient cleaning and no dead end, its wide application, so that many areas of our country are exempt from the water, but also greatly improve the utilization of water sources, thus saving a large amount of resources.

Medium filters cannot be mounted vertically, which is determined by their filtration principle.

Filter principle of medium sized filter: When the water is filtered through the net, the impurities in the water sink into the sump of the filter under the action of gravity.

Medium Filter Working principle:

Medium filter is mainly used in large particles, large solid impurities or coarse pipe as the protection of machinery and equipment, instrumentation is not hindered by debris, Medium Filter to ensure that its work can run normal functions. Medium filter Not only the structure is simple, and the production process is less, as long as its correct selection of the filter, can ensure the normal operation of other systems, it has the advantages of cleaning convenient, large amount of sewage, easy installation and so on. Medium filter, also known as the decontamination device, filter valve, is an indispensable device in the fluid pipeline, the main role is to filter the rust in the medium, sand, impurities, Medium Filter liquid in a small number of solid particles and so on to filter, to protect the equipment on the pipeline accessories from blockage of the fault. Its investment is small, the function is strong.