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Long Service Life Of Sludge Scraping And Suction Machine
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Sludge scraping machine is the floating on the water surface of the solid suspension and the sludge at the bottom of the pond continuously removed, scraping mud scraper along the pool surface and the bottom of the pool movement, and suspended from the liquid side of the inlet to the export end. Wiper scraper Scraper is fixed in the chain of the two ends of the chain plate scraper scraping mud machine working principle, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine scraping mud scraper is driven by driving sprocket drive device to drive. The scraping mud scraper moves along the entire width of the groove, scraping the contaminants into the slag chute and scraping the sludge into the sludge bucket.

Sludge scraping and suction machine is widely used in flat-flow sedimentation tank sludge scraping, suction. The sludge scraper is compact in structure, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine reliable in work and equipped with automatic control and overload protection system. The track spacing is 4 meters below the sludge scraping suction machine uses the intermediate centralism drive. The two-sided synchronous drive is used when the spacing is more than 6 meters.

Characteristics of sludge scraping and suction machine:

1. The scraper adopts logarithmic spiral curve form, and adopts the rubber wheel support to walk along the bottom of the pool, the effect of scraping mud is good, the requirement of the bottom is lower and the adaptability is good;

2, in addition to the main scraping mud device, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine but also installed a unique auxiliary scraping device, so that the half bridge scraping mud function of the whole bridge scraping machine effect;

3, the work Bridge uses the truss structure, the bridge deck lays the steel grating, the intensity is high, the weight is light, the energy consumption province;

4, driving wheel for solid rubber wheel, no track, simple structure, easy installation;

5, the underwater components are stainless steel materials, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine water components using carbon steel and hot dip galvanized, good corrosion resistance, long service life.

Sludge scraping and suction machine has the following advantages:

(1) Discharge mud thoroughly, the device uses the logarithm scraping mud way, the sludge scraping and sucking machine efficiency is high, the discharge mud no dead angle, the scene every four hours mud once, every day platoon mud six times, each row mud 18min, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine from runs to now has not cleared cans once. The thickness of settling mud in the tank has been 40~50cm around.

(2) The use of static pressure dumping method, low energy consumption. The original sludge discharge method has five discharge mud mouth, mud scraper suction machine discharge sludge only one mouth, compared with the original mud-dumping method, the word sludge water requirements smaller, saving a large amount of sewage.

(3) Simple operation and convenient maintenance. The entire equipment is installed at the bottom of the settling tank and operated. It can realize remote control and automatic scraping and discharging mud, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine with overload protection device, stable and reliable operation.

(4) Through the use of the newly developed scraping and suction device, the two-mine oil recovery can save the cost of 160,000 yuan/A, the cost of descaling costs 200,000 yuan/A, saving pharmaceutical costs 150,000 yuan/a. Direct benefit of 510,000 yuan/A; Water quality load rate increased 5%

(5) The sludge scraping and suction machine device is stirred by the rotary action of the mechanical arm to the low sludge of the tank. Then, through the suction and discharge of the mechanical arm, the sludge siltation problem is solved, the mud discharging efficiency is greatly improved, the blind area of the tank is eliminated, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine and the settling tank does not stop discharging mud. Compared with the original sludge dumping method, it has obvious technical advantages.

(6) The advantage is less investment, simple process, the disadvantage is low sludge efficiency. It can only be applied to settling tanks with low mud production. This kind of mud-discharging system is simple in structure, easy to use and maintenance, but due to the limited area of discharging mud, it is easy to form the dumping dead zone, which can not effectively eliminate all the mud in the tank, and eventually lead to shutdown, shutdown and must be artificially cleared.

(7) This method increases the discharge pressure difference of the bottom sediment sludge, the mixing of the drainage fluid and the sludge reduces the viscosity of the effluent, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine enhances the discharge velocity, enhances the sludge discharging effect, and does not affect the sludge discharging effect of the negative pressure sludge discharging device with a certain size and viscous suspension. The disadvantage is that it needs to be used to help drain liquid, the process is more complicated, the investment is higher, and the arrangement of the distribution of the recipients is larger.

Sludge scraping and suction machine in the production process, oil and gas gathering, oily wastewater treatment process in almost every treatment station has a settlement tank for sludge treatment and oil recovery. If the internal sludge scraper can be effectively applied to the settling tank, the first of the oily water treatment of the late to provide a good guarantee, so as to ensure water quality: second, Sludge Scraping and Sucking Machine not to stop production of automatic sludge to improve productivity, can be long-term artificial clear cans, reduce labor intensity.

There are 14 sewage settling tanks in the pro-disk oil recovery plant, according to the sewage sedimentation tank once a quarter of the calculation, the total number of cans to 56 times a year, and each tank costs about 20,000 yuan, such as 14 sewage settlement tanks are developed by scraping suction device, can save the cost of cleaning cans 1.12 million yuan/a. The application of the built-in scraping and suction mud device can effectively improve the settlement effect, reduce the number of cleaning cans more than 50%, reduce the impact of artificial cleaning cans on production, can reduce the descaling costs 600,000 yuan/a.