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How To Use Medium Sized Filters
- Jul 12, 2017 -

1, Medium filter installation Just according to the device cylinder on the arrow to indicate the direction of water connection in the pipeline;

2, design, installation should be considered as far as possible in the lower part of the outfall, Medium Filter facilitate the smooth discharge of debris;

3, sewage pipe access to the gutter, and should keep the sewage smooth;

4, in order to facilitate the observation of system conditions and day-to-day operation, should be in the import and export installation of pressure gauges and manual valves;

5, Medium filter sewage, Medium Filter should be based on the sewage situation, through the switch valve, the filter to rinse 10-20 seconds;

6, the use of microcomputer controller:

(1) Medium filter outlet pressure value setting method: After the system is running, the value of the inlet pressure of the equipment is observed, then the value of the pressure gauge is adjusted to be less than 0 of the water inlet pressure. 06-0.08MPa. For example: The inlet pressure is 0.4MPa, Medium Filter then the value of the pressure gauge of the water and electricity contact is adjusted to 0

(2) then connect the microcomputer power and turn on the power switch on the control Panel.

(3) If the outlet pressure at this time is below the set pressure value, then the equipment remains in working condition, work indicator light is on, the automatic actuator opens the valve plate, Medium Filter the blowdown solenoid valve (or electric valve) closes.

(4) If the outlet pressure is below the set pressure value, the equipment enters the backwash condition, the backwash indicator light is bright, the automatic actuator closes the valve plate, the blowdown solenoid valve (or the electric valve) opens. The reverse washing process is delayed for 2-4 minutes and returns to the working state. If the water pressure at this time is higher than the set pressure value, Medium Filter the equipment to maintain normal effluent status, if the water pressure is still below the set pressure value, the equipment works 2-4 minutes, wash 2-4 minutes, so repeatedly, until the water pressure value is higher than the set pressure value.

(5) Backwash executive Gate shaft and equipment barrel is double rubber ring seal (or PTFE filler), if the use of the phenomenon of leakage, can be a small wrench to the gland above the three screws appropriate evenly tighten a few laps, in order not to leak. If the gland is pressed to the bottom of the department still can not solve the leakage phenomenon, you need to replace the new seal ring or filler (SEAL Ring specification model in the random standby model).