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Hot sales Underground Sewage Water Treatment Equipment for Wastewater
- Mar 05, 2017 -

Underground Sewage Water Treatment Basic Info
Application: Industry
Filtrating Layer Height: 1000mm
Filtrating Media: Quartz Sand Height 600mm
Power: 7.5kw
Trademark: WOMA
Capacity: 500-1000L
Type: Vertical Cylinder
Working Pressure: 0.8MPa
Dia: 300mm
Material: Stainless Steel or PVC
Speed: 500L/H
Transport Package: Wood Packing

Origin: Wuxi,China

Product Description

Tap water; booster pump; sand filter; carbon filter; security filter; high pressure pump; one stage RO system; well water
This RO ro water treatment plant price system  is developed on the basis of tap water quality in Jiangsu, China. The process is as follows: The Raw water pump add pressure and pump water into sand filter which contains quartz sands which are used to remove the suspensions, colloids, rust, impurities in water as well as some microbes (such as red worm) ;carbon filter which contains high quality first class fruit shell active carbons which are used to remove the organics in water as well as oxygen, bad odor, pesticide and colloids which are not removed thoroughly by sand filter→water softener, which is used to reduce the water hardness by exchange magnesian ion and calcium ion in water through cation resin so as to remove the state of calcium and magnesium ions;security filter which installed two pieces of 5µm PP filter (length 500mm) which are used to remove the impurities(diameter above 5µm). The previous procedure is called pretreatment of RO device which is mainly used to pretreatment for the raw water and ensure RO system work well and prolong the lifespan. After the process of pretreatment, high pressure pump pumped the water into one stage RO system. This system adopt two pcs 4040 membranes which are American DOW membrane., the unit desalination rate is 99%, the whole system desalination rate is 97%-99%(capacity 500L/H well water)  under the condition of tap water quality in Guangzhou, the purified water can reach the state drinking water standard in China. (TDS ≤10µs/cm), Recovery rate is 65%, more or less. Equipped with stainless steel zwitterions combined bed will ensure water quality reach 1µs/cm.
Equipped with booster pumps, stopped automatically when there is no water besides it will add pressure when low pressure.
One pcs 5µs security filter.
High pressure pump. Imported solenoid valve. Imported DOW membrane.
Two stage RO systems equipped with 1000L stainless steel storage tank
Membrane automatic rinse as the machine is operated, digital time control
Adopt UPVC or Stainless steel (optional) pipe to ensure never leak, the maximum pressure of membrane is 1.8Mpa.
Pipes automatically feeding water as they lack water and stop automatically when water is full.
Raw water conductivity. well water conductivity automatic digital display.
Well water quality reach state 99GB drinking water standards in China.

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