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High Separation Efficiency Of Three-phase Separator
- Oct 12, 2017 -

Separator, as the name implies, the separation of substances, the market on a number of separator products, three-phase separator is our industry is mainly used in a product, the three-phase separator how? Let's take a look at it next.

A three-phase separator comprises a horizontal tank body and a washing chamber arranged in a sequential interval, a coalescence chamber, a settling separation chamber and an oil chamber, a washing device is arranged in the upper part of the washing chamber, a heating device is arranged in the lower part, Three-phase Separator and a washing chamber is separated by a first overflow baffle and a coalescence chamber; a coalescence chamber and a settling separation chamber. The settling separation chamber is provided with a water outlet and an oil outlet respectively through the second overflow separator and the oil chamber interval, and the lower part of the settling separating chamber and the oil chamber; a pre degassing device is arranged on the outer wall of the corresponding tank above the washing chamber, and an inlet port is arranged on the degassing device, and a mist collector is arranged on the outer wall of the tank body corresponding to the settling separating chamber or the oil chamber, Three-phase Separator and a vent is arranged on the mist collector. The three-phase separator has high integration, compact structure, small footprint, low energy consumption, simplified processing technology, high automatic degree, especially suitable for small oil and gas station, and also a joint station upgrading product.

Three-phase separator is mainly used in gas-solid-liquid three-phase separation, belonging to the separation equipment. The separator consists of a mud bin, a water silo, two parts, which are connected and become one. The mud silo is composed of a cylinder body, a head, an air inlet, a vent, a filter assembly, a retaining mud gate, Three-phase Separator a mud discharging device, a drain port and a manhole.

The common glass fiber reinforced plastic three-phase separator, FRP is a good insulator, in the flammable, explosive oil and gas environment safe use, how to prevent oil, Three-phase Separator gas flow generated electrostatic accumulation and the export of electrostatic, it becomes the key to the success of the development.

What about the three-phase separator?

1. Compact System

2. High separation efficiency

3. High performance flexibility

4. Custom design according to customer specification

5. Clean and dirty working condition alternative

6. Quick-Opening device (if required)

7, the shell design conforms to the ASME Standard or the non-standard design

8, efficient separation of hydrocarbons, gas, free water, solids

9. Low cost of investment and operation and maintenance

Three-phase separator use

The three-phase separator is used in the upper-type anaerobic sludge bed reactor (UASB) in biological wastewater treatment, which is used to separate the digestion gas, digestive fluid and sludge particles. Three-phase Separator The digestion gas is derived from the top of the reactor, and the sludge particles automatically slide down to the sludge bed at the bottom of the reactor and the digestive fluid effluent from the clarifying area