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High quality Peripheral Drive Mud Scraper
- Mar 05, 2017 -

Peripheral Drive Mud Scraper Basic Info
Model NO.: WQG
Material: Ss or Carbon Steel
Trademark: WOMA
Origin: Wuxi  China
Usage: Industrial
Color: According to Customers Requirement

Peripheral Drive Mud Scraper Product Description
The air floatation method for water treatment is a process where highly dispersed micro bubbles are formed in the water, to which hydrophobic solid or liquid particles in waste water are adhered to form water-gas-particle three-phase mixed system; after the particles are adhered to bubbles, flocs with apparent density lower than water are formed and floating up to the water surface; the suspended sludge so formed is scraped to realize solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation.

Peripheral Drive Mud Scraper Characteristic
1. Bottom scraping mud, skimming the water. Drive shaft mounted geared motor and driving roller direct drive, compact structure, high mechanical efficiency;
2. Parallel misalignment clay tablets, good continuity, high mud collecting efficiency; Stainless steel clay as scraping mud at the bottom of the rubber plate, to guarantee the scraping mud completely clean, there will be no floating mud phenomenon occurred;
3. Bottom slope than 1:10, scraping mud when sludge resistance can be ignored; Special hinge structure, overload ability;
4. Girder to choose square steel production, the structure strength, use galvanized after spray paint process, strong anticorrosion performance

5. The operation is simple, and can realize the remote control

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