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High Quality Mud Scraper for Sludge Treatment
- Mar 05, 2017 -

Center-drive Sludge Scraper Product Detail
Model NO.:WZG
Flotation Machine Type:Dissolved Air Flotation Machine
Centrifuge Technology Use:Sedimentation
Centrifuge Installation:Horizontal
Product Name:Mud Scraper
Working Diameter:4~20m
Main Material:Q235B+Ss304
Blade Material:Rubber+Ss304
Driving Type:Center Drive
Origin:Wuxi China

Center-drive Sludge Scraper Product Description
Central driving perfectly solved the problems of clarifier edges leveling as well as driven trolley skidding in winter conditions.
As an experienced manufacturer started in year 2010, we provide one-stop services from project design to manufacturing, installation and final commissioning, professional services with cheap factory price for you.

Working principle of wastewater treatment Central drive mud scraper :
Wastewater enter into clarifier through the central steady flow tube, the central drive sludge scraper bridge fitted with a central shaft with arms and scraper blades that rotate in clockwise direction and thus convey the debris (sludge, etc.) towards the middle of the reinforced concrete tank, from where sludge is discharged.
On request, the machine can be fitted with the suspended solid extraction mechanism, which thanks to the bridge rotation, conveys the foams (oily and light parts present on the water surface) to the scum trough fixed to the reinforced concrete tank wall. The clean water flows through the V-notched weirs and flows into a discharge channel.

Cargile wastewater treatment Central drive mud scraper  can be used in almost all kinds of circular tanks to scrape and discharge sludge, the main applications are:
A.Primary sedimentation tank
B.Secondary sedimentation tank
C.Final sedimentation tank
D.Sludge thickening tan

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