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High Quality and Low Price UASB three-phase separator
- Mar 05, 2017 -

Three-phase Separator Basic Info
Power: 50-200kW
Transport Package: Export Packing, Wooden Packing, Plastic Packing
Origin: Wuxi China
Output Type: AC Three Phase
Standard: Standard
Trademark: WOMA

Three-phase Separator Production Description:
(1) to collect sewage gas generated in the reaction chamber below the separator;
(2) to make suspended solids over the separator settle down.In order to realize these two functions, set up in the
anaerobic reactor three-phase separator shall meet the following conditions:
1. A mixture of water and sludge before entering the settling chamber, air bubbles must be separated.
2. Surface load should be in 3.0 m after precipitation area / ㎡, h), of the following mixture before entering the precipitation area, through the inflow of the flow rate of the channel is not greater than the granular sludge settling velocity.
3. Because has the nature of coagulation, anaerobic sludge flow up through mud, should be conducive to form sludge layer in the precipitator, sludge to the appropriate area inclined wall Angle, should make the precipitation on the inclined bottom sludge accumulation, slide back to the reaction zone as soon as possible.
4. Should prevent air chamber to produce large amounts of foam, and control the height of the air chamber, prevent scum plug outlet pipe.

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