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Factory direct Effluent Treatment Zbgn Type Perimeter Drive Sludge Scraper Machine
- Mar 05, 2017 -
Periphery-drive sludge scraper Basic Info
Model NO.: WBG
Flotation Machine Type: Different
Centrifuge Technology Use: Sedimentation
Application: Enviromental
Pool Diameter(D) M: 16-80
Speed mm/in First Settling Basin: Less Than 3
Power (Kw ) First Settling Basin: 1.1-4 Optional According to Different Model
Trademark: WOMA
Origin: Wuxi China
Method: Combined Treatment
Usage: Industrial
Centrifuge Installation: Horizontal
Industrial: Waste Water Treatment
Pool Depth (H) M: 1-5
Speed mm/in Second Settling Basin: 2.5
Power (Kw ) Second Settling Basin: 0.37-2.2 Optional According to Different Model
Product Description
WBG type perimeter drive sludge scraper machine
The device used for sewage treatment plant circular settling tank ,the settlement in the pool bottom sludge scraping set to the pool bottom mud pond scum collection at the same time left to collection slag bucket, in order to facilitate further processing. The device of the reducer adopts advanced shaft mounted, compact structure, high efficiency , light weight can also be configured torsion protection mechanism, safe and reliable.
2.Operating principle
The half-bridge periphery-drive sludge scraper consists of the working bridge, hanging arm and sludge scraping board, center support, driving mechanism, central current collecting equipment, system control cabinet and other components, with optional accessories such as effluent weir, steady flow cylinder, sludge trap and scum scraping board.
Driven by the mechanism mounted peripherally, the working bridge rotates around the center support fixed on the buttress in the tank center. The hanging arm below the working bridge drives the scraping board to rotate, collecting sludge settled at the tank bottom into the central catch pit. Suspended sludge on the surface is gathered in the convergent area formed by scum scraping board and peripheral sludge traps, scraped by the scum scraping board into the sludge hopper, and then discharged out of the tank.

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