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Dissolved Air Flotation Machine Use
- Feb 09, 2017 -

Bronze gas-liquid mixing pump in dissolved air flotation systems under pressure, pressure pumps, air compressors, Jet is omitted, high pressure dissolving air container, complex settings. Create a "one-minute debugging method". Simply put is: water valve fully open, adjust the inlet valve until the pressure gauge shows pressure needed by the system, debugging is done. Advantage OLTE dissolved air flotation machine is effective, convenient, save labor and labor cost savings and effectiveness into consideration, is the best choice.

Dissolved air flotation machine compared with cavitation air flotation machine, dissolved air flotation machine must be equipped with gas-liquid separation tank OLTE. OLTE of gas-liquid separation tank can automatically adjust not only stable, but frequently do not need to debug startup, shutdown, this means that the dissolved air system with a simple debugging.