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Direct selling Underground Hotel Sewage Treatment Equipment
- Mar 24, 2017 -
Sewage Treatment Equipment Basic Info
  • Usage: Industrial, Home, Agriculture, Hospital

  • Material: Carbon Steel

  • Control Mode: Full-Automatic Electric Control

  • Blower: Low Noise Rotary Blower

  • Scope of Application: Domestic Wastewater Treatment(Residential Quarters

  • Method: Combined Treatment

  • Processing Capacity(M3/H): 1-50

  • Anticorrosive Treatment: Asphalt Coating

  • Aerator: Rotary Mixing Aerator

  • Raw Water Type: Domestic Sewage or Similar Industrial Waste Water

  • Trademark: WoMa

  • Origin: Jiangsu wuxi, China

Product Overview
With the growth of economy and population, humans have been increasingly paying attention to pollution. Our Company has worked out a complete set of buried organic sewage treatment equipment on the basis of summarizing the operation experience of sewage treatment equipment at home and abroad and combining with our own scientific research and engineering practice. The advanced technology and manufacturing technology at home and abroad in the late 1990s are adopted to produce LHC series of sewage treatment equipment with glass fiber reinforced plastics and stainless steel as the main raw materials. The purpose is to treat domestic sewage and similar industrial organic sewage through the equipment to reach the emission standard required by the users. The equipment is mainly used for treating domestic sewage from residential quarters (including villa districts), high-grade hotels, hospitals, highway service area, comprehensive office buildings and various public buildings, and the effluent quality after treatment by the equipment will reach the national emission standard. The whole equipment can be buried underground, so it is also called as buried domestic sewage treatment equipment. 
The buried domestic sewage treatment equipment is manufactured by our company through the international advanced biological treatment process, which can remove BOD5, COD and NH3-N with such advantages as stable and reliable technical characteristics, good treating effect, lower investment, less occupation of land and convenient maintenance. Our Company also provides the reclaimed water reuse equipment as supporting according to the clients' requirements.

Product Features
1. It is buried underground and the land surface above it can be used for greening and other purposes without any need to build room and of heating and heat preservation.
2. Plug flow biological contact oxidation is used for the secondary biological contact oxidation process, the treatment effect of it is better than that by complete mixing type and 2-stage serial complete mixing type biological contact oxidation pool. Additionally, it has smaller size than activated sludge pool, better adaptability to water quality, well impact resistance load performance and stable effluent qualitywithout sludge bulking. New elastic solid fillers are adopted in the pool, so the specific surface area is larger, biofilm culturing and deciduation for microorganism are easier, the removal rate of organics under the same organic load conditions is higher and the solubility in water of oxygen from the air is thus improved.
3. Biological contact oxidation process is adopted for the biochemical pond and the volume load of its fillers is lower, and the microorganism is in the self oxidation phase, so less sludge is generated and sludge removal (sucked by dung-cart or dehydrate the sludge into sludge cake and then transporting them out) is needed once every 3 months (90 days) and even longer.
4. This buried domestic sewage treatment equipment can be used for deodorization with conventional upper air exhaust and soil deodorization measures.
5. Fully automatic electric control system and equipment failure alarm system are equipped for the whole treatment system of this equipment, so it can run safely and reliably with duly maintenance only rather than special daily management.

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