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Conveyor Belts Adopt Fast Chain Traction
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Current World conveyor Belt development trend is: to many varieties, high-performance, lightweight, multi-functional, energy-saving, safe, environmental protection, long life direction of development.

Traditional use conveyor belt general-purpose fabric conveyor belt to high-strength, less-layered direction of development, steel wire rope core conveyor belt to enhance impact resistance, tear-proof, wear-resistant performance. The maximum strength of the conveyor belt has been developed to the wire rope core belt 8000n/mm; Fabric core Conveyor Belt service life is generally up to 3-5 years, wire rope core conveyor belt up to 15 years.

Functional conveyor Belts such as various uses of flame-retardant UV curing machine conveyor belt, especially in coal mine with PVC and PVG integral belt core flame-retardant conveyor belt has accounted for a large proportion of the total conveyor belt. Special-purpose conveyor belt such as heat-resistant, hardy, oil-resistant, Conveyor acid-alkali and wa101 lance large-dip conveyor belt performance and production of continuous improvement, especially the heat-resistant conveyor belt with the development of synthetic adhesives and skeleton materials, the use of temperature can reach 150℃~180℃, covering the special heat-resistant properties can be reached Light conveyor belt has a variety of hundreds of kinds of specifications, in food, electronics, machinery and logistics and other fields have been widely used. Energy-saving, environmentally friendly conveyor belt such as to prevent material scattered, dust flying closed conveyor belt developed rapidly, Conveyor at present there are hanging, pipe, folding, double belt four types, Conveyor the maximum transport capacity of up to 3000 tons/hour.

Conveyor belt using speed chain traction, tooling plate can be freely transmitted, the use of the barrier positioning to make the workpiece free movement or stop, the workpiece at both ends can be automatically raised, transverse transition.

2, on-line can be set to rotate, special plane, testing equipment. Conveyor Applied to electric tools, color TV, air-conditioning and other household appliances, Conveyor various types of instrumentation and mechanical and electrical products such as assembly and department.

3, the use of flexible speed chain for the transmission medium, tooling board as the carrier, drive the workpiece to twice times, Conveyor 3 times times the chain transmission of the moving line, often used in household appliances products, motorcycle engines, auto parts, electric tools, such as assembly and testing.

4, the station can be set pneumatic blocker, foot switch, the line in the top-rise rotation, top-rise movement and a variety of assembly, testing equipment, tooling board can also be based on the production process of the product configuration of a variety of fixture, Conveyor the realization of product automation.

5, the mode of transmission by single row chain, three-row chain and can be random combination.

Below is a brief description of how the conveyor belt is installed.

In the conveyor belt coiling iron core on the rotating flexible shaft, Conveyor and will be good with the roll rack, on the shelves before the attention, the direction of the lower cover of the glue.

In the workplace should not be placed on the shelves to guide the conveyor belt, and the folding of the conveyor belt with sufficient curvature radius, to prevent damage to the conveyor belt, Conveyor folding place in the conveyor belt to prohibit the placing of heavy objects.

If the conveyor belt is replaced, the new belt can be connected with the old belt, and the unloading belt will be carried out at the same time as installing the new conveyor belt.

For the horizontal operation of the conveyor, can be at any point to cut off the old conveyor, Conveyor tilt the direction of the conveyor, you need to choose the cut-off point, to prevent the loss of weight caused by loss of control.

In the conveyor will be the new location after the tape is fixed with a clamp, then with the end of the roller and pulley rope connected, through the traction device will be the conveyor belt balanced to the conveyor, traction, to prevent the conveyor belt and the rack to squeeze each other.

The end of the conveyor belt is fixed on the conveyor frame with a clamp, and the other end is tightened through the pulley until the conveyor belt is not visibly drooping on the return roller.

Fasten the tensioning device away from the starting point 100-150mm.