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Conveyor Belt Saves Manpower And Material Resources
- Aug 03, 2017 -

Conveyor belt is the main component of the belt conveyor, and it is widely used in steel, coal, alloy, chemical, building materials, grain and other industries. The use of conveyor belts as transport carrier and its transport mode compared with safe operation, easy to use, maintenance, low freight and can achieve continuous, shorten the transportation distance and so on.

Production methods: Molding, flat vulcanizing machine vulcanizing method; zmjt029 material: PE pu PVC canvas nylon Teflon Teflon; product characteristics: Product Packaging: After the coil, packaging (leather), cloth packaging; storage and transportation conditions: Conveyor in the storage and transport should be isolated source of ignition, avoid sharp and a large corrosive chemical contact, avoid long-term storage in daylight.

Conveyor belt product features and uses

Flame-retardant conveyor belt with wear-resistant, anti-static, waterproof, flame-retardant, high strength, excellent safety performance and other flame-retardant conveyor belt compared to lower costs, Conveyor lower prices and other characteristics, the mine flame-retardant conveyor with the whole core flame-retardant conveyor belt, the mine flame-retardant conveyor belt (whole-core conveyor belt, mining conveyor belt) is mainly applicable to coal mine underground transportation, Conveyor but also used in metallurgy, chemical industry material transport.

Belt conveyor is widely used in agriculture, industrial and mining enterprises and transportation to transport all kinds of solid bulk and powder materials or pieces of goods, conveyor belt can be continuous, high efficiency, large inclination transport, conveyor belt operation Safety, conveyor belt easy to use, easy maintenance, low freight, and can shorten the transportation distance, reduce project cost, Conveyor save manpower and material resources.

Conveyor belts, also known as transport belts, are used in belt conveyor belts to carry and transport materials acting on rubber and fiber, metal composite products, or plastic and fabric composite products. Conveyor belts are widely used in mining, cement, coking, metallurgy, chemical industry, Conveyor steel and other industries in a short distance transport, small delivery.

Conveyor belt classification

1, according to the use of conveyor belts can be divided into: oil, non-slip, climbing, acid and alkali transport heat, cold, fire, anti-corrosion, moisture, low temperature, high temperature, oil resistance, thermal, cold, low temperature, high temperature, acid and alkali-resistant conveyor belts.

2, conveyor belt according to the core material can be divided into: the whole belt core flame-retardant conveyor belt, layered fabric core conveyor belt and wire rope core conveyor belt. Conveyor The whole belt core flame-retardant conveyor belt is divided into PVC whole-core flame-retardant conveyor belt and PVG whole-core flame-retardant conveyor belt two; layered fabric conveyor belt is divided into cotton canvas conveyor belt, nylon canvas conveyor belt and polyester canvas conveyor belt; Conveyor steel wire rope Core conveyor belt can be divided into ordinary type, coal mine flame-retardant type and tear-proof type.

3, according to the shape of the performance: flat-shaped, block-edge type, bulkhead, tubular, pattern-shaped.

Conveyor belt performance characteristics and main use:

Performance characteristics

1. With excellent flame-retardant, good conductivity;

2. With the body without delamination, elongation small, impact resistance, tear resistance;

3. With body light, high strength, good groove

4. PVC conveyor belt is suitable for conveying material under dry condition under 16 degree of inclination.

The PVG conveyor belt is suitable for conveying the moist water material below the dip angle of 20 degrees.