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Air Flotation Is Widely Used
- Jun 28, 2017 -

Air flotation is a commonly used method of watering in water treatment. It uses the mechanical shear force, the air mixed in the water broken into small bubbles, for air flotation. According to the method of pulverizing bubbles can be divided into water suction pipe suction air floatation, diffusion plate aeration air float, jet air float and impeller air flotation. Flotation equipment is simple and easy to implement, Air Floatation but the degree of air fragmentation is low, the formation of large particle size, surface area is small, fast movement, the bubble and the removal of pollutants to contact the short time, and thus fail to achieve the effect of height removal.

Classification of Air Flotation

(1) mechanical agitation. There are centrifugal impeller, and some are star-shaped rotor and rod-shaped rotor and other types. The stirrer rotates at high speed in the air flotation tank, causing the pulp to flow and generating negative pressure in the impeller chamber to inhale the air.

(2) inflatable mechanical agitation. In addition to mechanical mixing, and then added to the air flotation filled with low pressure air.

(3) inflatable. Stir into the air and produce air bubbles, such as air flotation column and foam separation device.

(4) gas precipitation. With the pressure method or the first pressure down to the atmospheric pressure method, so that the dissolved pulp in the slurry to precipitate, Air Floatation the formation of microbubbles.

(5) pressure dissolved gas. The charged air is pre-dissolved in water using a high pressure and then precipitated in the air flotation tank under atmospheric pressure to form a large number of microbubbles.

At present, the gold flotation machine in China is the most commonly used air flotation machine is made of mechanical stirring air flotation machine.

Bubble mineralization. Mineral particles are selectively adhered to the bubble, which is the most basic behavior in the air flotation process. Air flotation is based on the mineral wettability of different mineral processing methods

Generally the nature of the minerals easy to float and difficult to float as a mineral floatability. Air flotation is the use of mineral floatability differences to sort the mineral. In the modern air flotation process, Air Floatation the application of air flotation agents is particularly important, because the air flotation agent treatment, you can change the floatability of minerals, so that the floating minerals can be selectively attached to the bubble, so as to achieve beneficiation the goal of.