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Air Flotation Is Used In A Variety Of Fields
- Jun 01, 2017 -

Air flotation is a commonly used method of water treatment. It uses the mechanical shear force, the air mixed in the water broken into small bubbles, for flotation. According to the method of pulverizing bubbles can be divided into water suction pipe suction air flotation, Air Floatation diffusion plate aeration air flotation, jet air floatation and impeller air flotation. Air flotation equipment is simple and easy to implement, Air Floatation but the degree of air fragmentation is low, the formation of large particle size, surface area is small, the movement speed is fast, the contact time of the bubble and the removed pollutant is short, and thus the effect of height removal is not reached.

Air flotation is used in a variety of areas, including mineral processing and wastewater treatment, such as removal of oil from refining wastewater; recovery of fiber from papermaking wastewater. Air Floatation Due to the use of a number of interrelated static shearing tubes 100 connected to the flotation chamber 20 and the plenum 60, this apparatus solves the long-standing problem. The static shear tube is combined with the surfactant to produce small bubbles, which are dispersed and evenly passed through the flotation chamber. Air Floatation No suction and punching plates are required. A rectangular hole 102 is formed in the lower portion of the shearing tube,

In the process of mineral processing, the various types of ore useful metal sorting out there are many ways, commonly used process flotation, magnetic separation and re-election, which is the most complex air flotation and operation is also very difficult. Because there are many uncertainties in the air flotation process, Air Floatation these will have an impact on the final beneficiation effect. The effect of air on flotation is one of them.

What is the main effect of air flotation? First of all, the air contains oxygen, Air Floatation nitrogen and inert gas, but also contains carbon dioxide and water vapor. Which will have an impact on mineral processing.

Air flotation

Impact on Minerals:

1, when the mineral broken exposed surface, with water hydration, the performance of hydrophilic. When the gas adsorbs to the mineral surface, it can weaken the hydration, Air Floatation resulting in the initial surface of the new hydrophobic.

2, the role of gas and mineral surface is selective. Which is a greater impact on the mineral surface of oxygen.

3, the role of oxygen is beneficial to the initial hydrophobic ore sulfide. But if the role of the time is too long, will make the mineral surface back to hydrophilic. However, when the gas adsorption conditions are appropriate, it will cause the hydrophobic surface of the mineral, even in the absence of flotation agent can be flotation (such as dry coal). And lead ore only through the initial role of oxygen, Air Floatation in order to play with the role of yellow medicine and floating.

It should be noted that: the air in the flotation process in the main role is to produce a large number of fine bubbles, carrying flotation ore particles floating, and then achieve the purpose of flotation.

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