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Workplace preparation and inspection of horizontal flow dissolved air flotation
- Sep 21, 2017 -

Before opening the horizontal flow dissolved air flotation, the staff also need to complete a series of inspection and preparation work as required. First of all, we need to check the inlet pump, dissolved air pump and air compressor is normal, the motor steering is normal, the oil level is within a reasonable range. In addition, should also look at scraper machine, and test run check.

If you find any unusual problems, be sure to deal with in a timely manner. After the inspection is complete and confirm that there is no abnormality, we will need to prepare the coagulant as required, and pay attention to see whether the dosing device can work properly. Also check the performance of the various valves of the horizontal flow dissolved air flotation machine and whether the pressure gauge is normal. Then we have to try to start the air compressor and close the outlet valve.

When the system is boosted to the appropriate range, the staff should promptly open the advection-type air dissolved air tank drain valve for drainage. After the water is completely discharged, it should continue to boost, and pay attention to check in the elevated to a certain pressure when the time, whether it will automatically shut down. If you stop, you should re-adjust the pressure contact switch to ensure that after a certain pressure to automatically shut down.

Next, the valve should be opened to make the system step-down, to achieve certain conditions, to see whether the Horizontal flow dissolved air flotation dissolved air mist machine will automatically shut down. Then, the dispenser should also be checked to ensure it is working properly. After the opening of the air compressor into the intake state, and then start the dissolved pump to the dissolved gas tank water, the water level is generally maintained in the lower part of the dissolved gas tank to one-half.

Next, when the boost to a certain extent, should pay attention to the appropriate adjustment of the air compressor air pipe on the valve, the general requirements of its outlet pressure maintained at about 0.4MPa. And then you can operate in accordance with the requirements of horizontal flow dissolved air flotation equipment.

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