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Working requirements and mud discharging effect of peripheral driving suction machine
- Nov 29, 2018 -

The peripheral drive suction dredge has a large processing capacity during the working process, which can save the floor space to a certain extent. The whole equipment is scraped, sucked, scraped and scum at the same time, with less energy consumption, and saves electricity compared with the same specifications. %about. The mud is sucked while traveling, and the concentration of activated sludge discharged is high, and the sludge discharging effect is good.


The scraper type suction port of the peripheral drive suction dredge is simple in structure, not easy to plug, safe and reliable in operation, convenient in maintenance, and the adaptability of the whole equipment is strong, and it is easy to realize automatic control to a certain extent.


The working principle of the peripheral driving suction machine


The peripheral drive suction dredge is mainly made up of steel beams, overflow weirs, transmissions, steady flow cylinders, central mud tanks, sludge drains, scrapers, suction devices, scum collection and discharge facilities. Transmission and gas transmission device.

The water to be treated enters from the central tube inlet pipe, flows through the steady flow tube into the sedimentation tank and then diffuses and precipitates to the surrounding area. The clean water flows out from the overflow overflow of the pool side, wherein the sediment is concentrated by the scraper to the suction port, and is compressed. The air disturbs the mixing and increases the oxygen, which increases the sludge activity. According to the principle of the connecting pipe, the bottom sludge is sucked into the sludge tank by the water level difference, and is discharged into the central cylinder drain pipe through the siphon pipe. At the same time, the scum in the pool is collected by the scraper and discharged through the discharge slag bucket.