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Why use lime storage bins and how it works and power consumption
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Lime silo, which is a kind of warehouse for storing lime, is called lime storage bin, and this kind of storage bin is used with certain purpose, mainly for lime. Then, how to use the lime storage warehouse well and obtain good effect at the same time, the following will learn through its professional knowledge to achieve these two purposes, and then, to obtain good economic benefits in the use of the product.


1. Necessity of using lime storage bins

Lime storage bin, which is used to store lime material, and lime, which is a kind of gas hard inorganic gelling material mainly composed of calcium oxide, and it uses calcium carbonate such as limestone, dolomite, etc. The higher content products are calcined at a high temperature of 900°C to 1100°C. Its application industry is for instrumentation, medicine, apparel, electronics, leather and textile industries. Therefore, there is a need for the use of lime silos.


2. How lime storage tanks work

The working principle of the lime silo, if summarized, is: the lime is stored in the storage silo by automatic feeding or feeding device, and at the same time, the material level indicator is used to display the position of the silo in time. , In order to understand the storage situation of the storage warehouse in real time, to determine whether to proceed to the next step. In addition, an unloading port is also provided on the lime storage tank to facilitate unloading or discharging work.


3. What can be regarded as a storage warehouse? Do these requirements apply to lime silos?

The storage bin, its definition or standard, is to be able to meet this basic function of storage and needs, and can achieve efficient and high-quality storage of lime in this material storage, thus, to ensure the storage quality of lime, so that , Lime treatment can be followed or used directly to improve the use of lime and avoid waste.


4. Is there an ancillary equipment in the lime silo? What is the electricity consumption in one year?

In the lime storage bin, in order to avoid the problem of blocking material at the bottom of the bin in the process of use, a full set of fluidization equipment is generally disposed at the bottom of the storage bin. In addition, some auxiliary equipment such as fans and the like are also arranged to help the storage bin. Work smoothly. The calculation of its annual power consumption is to look at the area of use of the warehouse and the actual use, because it is determined by these two, and has nothing to do with the other.