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What is the advantage of the baghouse dust collector?
- Nov 30, 2017 -

As a dry dust filtration equipment, at present people mainly use the baghouse dust collector to remove all kinds of small, dry, non - fibrous dust. The filter bag is mainly made of textile filter cloth or non-woven felt, and the filter function of fiber fabric is used to filter the dusty gas.


In the practical application, from the working principle, after the dusty gas enters into the baghouse dust collector, some particles with larger sizes or larger proportion will settle down under the action of gravity, and eventually accumulate in the ash bucket. And the gas with finer dust goes through the filter material, because the dust is blocked, so that the gas is purified.


For users, this kind of baghouse dust collector has many advantages in the practical application. First, the dust removal efficiency of the equipment is relatively high, up to 99 %. At the outlet, the dust concentration of the gas can be controlled within tens of mg/m3, especially has higher fractional efficiency for the dust with submicron  particle size.


The second point, the baghouse dust collector is adaptable and can be used to deal with the dusty gas of different air volume, which is from the  several cubic meters per minute, tens of thousands of cubic meters per minute. It can also be used for the flue gas ash removal in the industrial furnace to meet the requirements of the carbon emission reduction.


Third, the structure of the baghouse dust collector is relatively simple, so for the user, the operation is convenient and easy to maintain. In the case of ensuring the same dust removal effect, the investment cost of the equipment is relatively low. In addition, the equipment is less sensitive to the characteristics of dust and therefore is not affected by dust and electric resistance.


In addition, when making the baghouse dust collector, if the selected material is glass fiber, PTFE, P84 and other high temperature resistant filter material, it can operate normally at high temperature of up to 200 degrees.