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What are the instructions for an High efficiency combined air flotation machine and how to avoid air bubbles?
- Jun 26, 2018 -

Efficiently combined with the air flotation machine, it can be concluded from its name that this is a kind of air flotation machine, and it can be used in many industries and fields, especially in sewage or wastewater treatment. Then, in order to use this air flotation machine for smooth operation, and to obtain good use effect on waste water or sewage treatment, the following will be further understood so that the equipment can be correctly operated and used instead of being erroneously operated or utilized.


1. The properties and instructions of an High efficiency combined air flotation machine

Efficiently combined air flotation machine, from a professional point of view, it is in the air flotation machine in this category, is a combined air flotation machine. Because this air flotation machine has high work efficiency, it is called a high-efficiency combined air flotation machine. This type of air flotation machine is mainly used to remove solid particles, suspended solids, grease, and jelly from sewage. In addition, the use of different characteristics of the impurities at different pressures, the partial pressure of the treated water is added to increase the dissolved amount of air in the water, and achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation.


The combined air flotation machine is composed of organisms, dissolved air tanks, air compressors, slag scrapers, container releasers, in-line pumps, and dosing devices, etc., to smoothly perform equipment operations and get the desired results. The effect of use. In addition, when the surface has scum, the scum is removed by a scraper. Afterwards, clear water is discharged through overflow regulation, so that the purpose of removing SS and CODCr can also be achieved.

In addition to the waste water and sewage treatment, the highly efficient combined air floatation machine can also be used to remove algae and turbidity of tap water in a lake water source, as well as the recovery of useful substances in sewage, such as fiber recycling in papermaking and pulp water. .


2. Efficient combination of common models of air floaters and how to avoid air bubbles

The common types of high-efficiency combined air flotation machines are the GF series and the GQF type. Moreover, these models are more common and used more often and should know how to use them properly.


In an High efficiency combined air flotation machine, to avoid the problem of air bubbles, you need to do the following work in several areas:

(1) The working pressure of the dissolved gas tank should be appropriate. In general, it is suitable in the range of 0.4-0.6 MPa.

(2) The pressure drop between the dissolving tank and the release vessel should be appropriate, and the bubble's disappearing time should be appropriate.

(3) It should be able to meet the technical requirements of the dissolved air flotation device. If it is not satisfied, it should be adjusted and can be used before it is satisfied.