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What are the characteristics of shallow air flotation equipment compared to similar equipment?
- Aug 28, 2018 -

The shallow air flotation device can introduce a large number of tiny bubbles into the sewage, so that the bubbles adhere to the fine suspended matter through surface tension to form a condition in which the overall specific gravity is less than one. It can be seen that the shallow air flotation equipment is mainly a kind of equipment that realizes solid-liquid separation according to the buoyancy principle.


Compared with other similar equipment, the characteristics of shallow air flotation equipment are shallow, but there is enough scum storage space, so it is especially suitable for the treatment of high-concentration sewage; other processing capacity is large, and the floor space is small. Can be occupied, overhead, stacked or placed on a building.


Secondly, the water level and scraping depth of the shallow air flotation equipment are adjustable, the flow adapting range is large, and the scum of the scraping slag has a high solid content. Because it uses a built-in structure, it is easier to transport, install and relocate. In addition, the rigidity of the equipment is large, and only a "well" shaped concrete beam support is needed, and the construction cost is low, and the construction cost is low.


The rotary joints in the shallow air flotation equipment adopt high-tech technology, no maintenance, adjustable wear and long-term operation without water leakage, which is a permanent design. In the whole equipment, the basic structure is stainless steel, no moving parts, no need for cleaning, no maintenance, no blockage, and long-term reliable operation in the open air.