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What are the advantages of baghouse dust collector?
- Jan 25, 2018 -

Baghouse dust collector belongs to a filter dust removal device, and belongs to the category of dry filter dust. Usually, people mainly use this dust removal equipment to capture small, dry, non-fibrous dust. Bag filter bags are usually made of woven or non-woven textile mat.


In practical applications, the dusty gas is mainly filtered through the fabric inside the device. In other words, when these dust-containing gas into the baghouse dust collector, which particles are large, the heavier than the weight of dust is the role of gravity settling down, falling into the hopper. And those containing finer dust in the gas through the filter, the dust is blocked, so that the gas is purified.


Under normal circumstances, baghouse dust collector can achieve higher dust removal efficiency. And this is precisely because of its own dust removal principle. During operation, the dust-laden gas mainly enters from the intake pipe below the equipment and enters the hopper through the guide plate. Under the combined effect of the collision of the guide plate and the reduction of the gas velocity, larger dust The particles will fall directly into the hopper, and the remaining fine particles of dust with the gas into the bag chamber.


Friends who have used the device should know that the dust removal effect of the baghouse dust collector will often be directly affected by the filter bag. And filter performance and quality is good or bad, will also affect the overall performance of the device to play as well as the length of its life. It is understood that the actual dedusting efficiency of the device can reach more than 99%, and it has a higher classification efficiency for fine dust with submicron particle size.


More importantly, baghouse equipment has good adaptability. For users, the bag filter can not only be used for industrial flue gas dust removal and reduce air pollutant emissions. But also to meet other dust removal requirements. The device structure is simple, whether it is day-to-day operation, maintenance or maintenance more convenient.