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Wastewater treatment clarifier and sedimentation tank difference and mud discharge device
- May 17, 2018 -

In the sewage treatment, it can be said that the clarification tank is an indispensable part, because it plays an important role, so it will have this conclusion. However, if you want to have a deep understanding of wastewater treatment, you must understand each component of it to achieve its purpose and be comprehensive and specific. Therefore, the wastewater treatment fining tank will be highlighted below. The explanations are as follows.


1. Sewage treatment clarification tank, which is generally in which stage or part of the sewage treatment?

Wastewater treatment clarifiers, which can also be considered as septic tanks for sewage treatment, are mainly used in sewage treatment to realize solid-liquid separation in the sewage by the principle of gravity sedimentation, and then allow the sewage treatment to proceed smoothly. Ensure good results. In sewage treatment, it is generally behind the biochemical system.


2. Is there a difference between clarifier and sedimentation tank in wastewater treatment?

Although the clarifiers and sedimentation tanks in sewage treatment are similar in name, from a professional point of view, these are two different things, so there is a big difference.


Wastewater treatment clarifiers are clarifiers. If they are broadly defined, they can be considered as one of the sedimentation tanks, but they are not equivalent to sedimentation tanks. Because the sedimentation tank generally completes the two processes of sedimentation of particles in water and separation from water, the clarifier, in addition to this, can also perform operations such as mixing, reaction and separation of flocculating agent and water.

Secondly, the mechanical accelerated clarifier in the Wastewater treatment clarifier is a kind of mechanical agitation, which uses the mechanical agitation to complete the mixing, sludge circulation, and contact flocculation. Therefore, the use effect is better than the general flocculation sedimentation tank. In addition, the clarifier has the advantages of stable treatment process, high treatment efficiency and good treatment effect.


Therefore, to sum up the above description, it is as follows: in the sedimentation tank, when the suspended particles sink to the bottom of the tank, the work of the sedimentation tank is finished, and in the clarification tank, in addition to sinking suspended particles to the bottom of the tank, It needs to be removed to achieve the purpose of water purification. Therefore, the two cannot be equal.


3. Sludge removal device in Wastewater treatment clarifier

Wastewater treatment clarifiers, which will be used for sludge removal technology, will use sludge removal devices. The specific components of this device are self-priming pumps and underwater suction devices. Pumps and underwater dredges are connected through mud ducts. In addition, a check valve is installed at the upper end of the underwater dredge, a universal wheel is installed at the lower end, and a mud suction port is also provided at the dredge to avoid floating mud.