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Three Phase Separator Structure and Functional Requirements
- Aug 15, 2017 -

Three phase separator has a very important role in the normal operation of the sludge bed and its good effluent quality in the course of its use. The three phase separator also has two functions, The biogas produced by the reaction chamber under the separator and the suspended matter above the separator precipitate.

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Three phase separator in the course of its water and sludge mixture into the precipitation chamber before its bubble must be separated, the precipitation area of the surface load should be below 3.0 m3, the mixture into the precipitation area before, The flow rate through the inflow channel is not greater than the settling velocity of granular sludge.

Three phase separator because of its anaerobic sludge with the nature of condensation, the liquid flow will be effective through its mud layer, it should be conducive to the formation of sludge in the settler. Precipitation zone inclined wall angle should be appropriate, should be precipitated in the slope of the sludge does not accumulate, slide back into the reaction zone as soon as possible.

Three phase separator should effectively prevent the air chamber to produce a large number of foam, and the effective control of the height of the chamber to prevent the scum plug the trachea, gas, solid, liquid three-phase fluid into the three-phase separator, the gas from the set After the hood is collected, the reactor and the water are discharged into the sedimentation zone through the gap between the gas hood and the gas barrier plate.

When the mixed fluid enters the three phase separator, it is folded on both sides under the blocking action of the reflection cone. In the course of its use, the air bubbles are constantly condensed in the process of gas rising, so that the bubble becomes larger Fast, the flow rate is relatively slow, so the gradual rise in the process of bubbles from the mud mixture, into the gas chamber, and mud mixture into the settlement area.

In the three phase separator, because of its elimination of the lifting effect of the bubble, the flow in the subsidence area is laminar flow, and the mixed fluid is folded into the side of the device after its entry into the equipment, and due to the gas rising process In the bubble condensate, the formation of large bubbles, resulting in faster rise, the flow rate is relatively slow, so the process of rising bubbles gradually from the mud mixture, into the gas chamber, and mud mixture into the settlement area.

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