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Three-phase separator common applications
- Jun 02, 2018 -

The main application of the three-phase separator, a separator, is the separation of three different substances in order to obtain each individual substance. Therefore, it can be used in biological sewage treatment, for example, in combination with an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor, to classify digestive gas, digestive fluid, and sludge to obtain digestive gas, digestive fluid, and sludge. Individual substances.


Three-phase separators, according to different standards, have different classifications and types, such as oil-gas water three-phase separators, which are the specific types of three-phase separators that are classified according to the separation medium. Therefore, it can be seen from its name that this separator is mainly used for the separation of oil, gas and water, and is mostly used in oil and gas wells.


The working principle of the oil-gas water three-phase separator is as follows: When the oil-gas-water mixture enters the pre-degassing chamber, a large amount of crude oil is removed through cyclone separation and gravity, and then the pre-desorbed oil-water mixture passes through the diversion pipe to enter the distribution. And the washing chamber, and enter the settling separation chamber for further settling and separation. The degassed crude oil is metered by the flow meter after entering the oil chamber, and then flows out of the separator. The aqueous phase in the mixture enters the water chamber to achieve separation.


FRP three-phase separator, in the use of materials for fiberglass, so this type of three-phase separator is called fiberglass three-phase separator. Its tank wall adopts a four-tiered structure with an inner liner, an electrostatic discharge layer, a structural layer, and an outer protective layer. In the outer protective layer, an appropriate amount of anti-ultraviolet absorbing agent is added to play an anti-aging function. .


FRP three-phase separators, which operate on the medium, are flammable and explosive oils and gases. Therefore, to ensure the safe operation of the three-phase separator, it is necessary to take some safety protection measures to achieve this goal. In terms of safety measures for the separator, it is necessary to have anti-static measures to achieve the effect of anti-static, and then to avoid the risk of explosion.