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The use process and operation requirements of the full bridge scraping mud machine
- Oct 16, 2018 -

In the process of using the whole bridge scraper, it is mainly used for scraping and removing sludge from urban water plants, sewage treatment plants, disposable radial sedimentation tanks and secondary sedimentation tanks. The full bridge scraper is in certain To a certain extent, it is possible to satisfy the use of sedimentation tanks with different sedimentation amounts.

The full bridge scraping mud machine is mainly composed of a working bridge, a central rotating support, a scraper scraper, a guide tube, a driving mechanism, and a slag discharge device. At the time of work, the sewage is diffused by the central buttress through the guide tube. The coarse particles in the mixed liquid will form a sludge layer at the bottom of the pool after being precipitated, and the light weight floats on the liquid surface. Driven by the peripheral drive mechanism, the center support slowly rotates, and the scraper scraper is driven to scrape the sludge layer by layer from the pool to the center of the mud hole. The scum scraper floats along the guide tube. The scum is thrown into the slag hopper of the pool and discharged outside the pool.

The full bridge scraping mud machine is installed above the bridge outlet and is equipped with a nylon cleaning brush. The automatic cleaning of the bridge automatically cleans the inner wall of the canal and the water outlet as the bridge rotates. It is driven by a separate motor. The steady flow tube is made of steel plate and is reinforced with a circular steel plate in the direction around the upper and lower ends of the lower end. The control box is equipped with a PLC control interface and is equipped with an electrical over-torque protection device. When there is greater resistance or failure, the alarm will be issued in time and the machine will be shut down on its own.