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The technical requirements and performance advantages of the bag dust collector
- Oct 31, 2017 -

The dust removal efficiency of the bag dust collector is relatively high, which is inseparable from the dust removal mechanism. In the operation process of the bag dust collector, the dust gas is directly discharged from the bottom of the dust collector into the air pipeline. When the dust gas enters the ash bucket through the guide plate, due to the impact of the diversion plate and the reduction of gas velocity, coarse particles dust will fall into the ash bucket, and the remaining fine particles dust will fall into the bag room with the gas.


Because of the inertia, diffusion, barrier and electrostatic of the filter material fiber and fabric, the dust will be directly blocked in the filter bag and the purified gas will escape out of the bag through the exhaust pipe. The dust in the filter bag is removed by the inverse method of gas. The removed dust falls to the ash bucket and is is discharged to the ash conveying device through the double-deck cinder valve.


The accumulated dust in the filter bag of the bag dust collector is also can be removed by injecting pulse air flow, so the purpose of the ash cleaning can be achieved. The removed dust is discharged by the ash discharging device. The high efficiency of the bag dust collector is also inseparable with the filter material. The performance and quality of the filter material is directly related to the performance of the bag filter and the length of service life.


Filter material is the main material of making filter bag. Its quality and performance can promote the progress of bag dust removal technology, and affect the application range and service life. The filter bag of the bag dust collector uses the compressed air to blow the ash. The ash removal mechanism is composed of air pocket, injection pipe and electromagnetic pulse control valve.


The outlet of each filter bag in the filter chamber of the bag dust collector will be equipped with a injection pipe. And the injection pipe is arranged on the bottom side of the center of the filter bag. A pulse valve is arranged on each injection pipe and connected with the compressed air pocket. When ash removal, the solenoid valve opens the pulse valve the compressed air is sprayed by the ash removal control opening the electromagnetic pulse injection according to the setup program.

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