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The scraping suction mud machine has low operating cost and easy installation
- Nov 01, 2018 -

In the process of operation, the scraping suction mud machine mainly adopts the logarithmic spiral curve form, and adopts the rubber wheel support to walk along the bottom of the pool. The scraping effect is good, the requirements on the bottom of the pool are low, and the adaptability is good, except for the main scraping device. In addition, a unique auxiliary scraping device is installed to enable the half-bridge scraper to function as a full-bridge scraper.

The working bridge of the scraping suction mud machine adopts a truss structure. When used, the steel grate plate is laid on the bridge deck. The strength is high, the weight is light, and the energy consumption is saved. The driving wheel of the whole equipment is a solid rubber wheel, and no track is needed during operation. The device has a simple structure and is easy to install.

The maintenance of the scraper is simple and convenient, and the running cost is low. The new transmission mechanism of the device is mainly a shaft-mounted reducer, which is convenient to install, simple and compact in structure and high in efficiency. According to the needs of users, the walking wheel can be a rubber wheel, a nylon wheel or a steel wheel. It can be manufactured to a specific size of the user, and the parts in contact with water can also be made of stainless steel.