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The formation of the underwater bubble in shallow air flotation machine
- Nov 09, 2017 -

When it comes to the formation of underwater bubble in shallow air flotation machine, it is necessary to pay attention to that the shallow air flotation will lead a large number of tiny bubbles to the sewage. The bubble will also adhere to the small suspended substance through the surface tension, forming a overall proportion of less than 1 status.

According to the buoyancy principle floating to the surface of the water, that is, the solid-liquid separation can be realized and the sewage can also be purified. The underwater bubble in the shallow air flotation machine is similar to that in the water. The smaller the bubble radius is, the greater the additional pressure in bubble will be, the more and violent the collision probability of bubble air molecules and bubble film will be.

If the shallow air flotation machine wants to obtain the relatively stable micro - bubble, the bubble film strength can be guaranteed. The bubble is small, the floating speed is also relatively fast, the disturbance of the water will be relatively small, which will not appear the phenomenon of crashing the floc.

When using the shallow air flotation machine, it can increase the collision probability between the bubble and the floc. But it is not saying that the finer the bubble is, the effect will be better. If the bubble is too finer, it will affect the floating rate. In this way, in the actual application, it ultimately affects the size of the gas floating pool and engineering cost.

When adding a certain amount of surface active agent in the pool, it can reduce the surface tension coefficient of water and strengthen the fastness of the bubble film. Adding the high solubility mineral salt in the water can make the bubble film fastness weakened, so that the bubble is easy to rupture or become large.

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