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The flocculation effect of the advection dissolved air flotation machine is good and the requirements of full automation
- Oct 09, 2018 -

The dissolved gas system used in the advection dissolved air flotation machine is the newly designed new dissolved gas system. The structure of the whole equipment is ingenious and small in volume. When it is used, its dissolved gas volume is high, and the dissolved gas efficiency is improved to shorten the residence time. The release device of the whole device is not easy to block, and the outgassing is perfect, and the bubbles are generally below 30um.


The advection dissolved air flotation machine mainly adopts a new type of high-efficiency grid reaction structure, and the whole product has good flocculation effect and power saving. This equipment is equipped with an automatic control box. After commissioning, normal operation does not require special management, which can achieve full automation.


The clean water of the advection dissolved air flotation machine is one of the new international water treatment methods. Its working principle is to effectively dissipate a large amount of air into the water under pressure conditions to form dissolved gas as a working medium. Rapid release by sudden decompression by the release device produces a large amount of fine bubbles. The fine bubbles adhere to the coagulum in the wastewater after the coagulation reaction, so that the floc has a specific gravity of less than 1 and floats on the surface of the water, so that the dirt is separated from the water to achieve the purpose of purifying water.