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The detailed explanation of advantageous performance of the cavitation air flotation
- Dec 14, 2017 -

The foreign language of the cavitation air flotation is CAF for short. In the current industrial field, people mainly use the device to remove the grease, glue and solid suspension in the industrial and municipal sewage. The whole air flotation system of the cavitation air flotation mainly includes five parts. The equipment is not only advanced and reasonable in design, but also is convenient to operate, which belongs to an excellent sewage treatment technology.


So far, the cavitation air flotation has become more and more popular in the practical application, and has achieved good results. Analyzing from a whole, the performance advantages of the equipment can be summarized into four aspects, the specific content is as follows:


Advantage 1: Using the cavitation air flotation can reduce the investment.

In fact, the overall composition of the cavitation air flotation is relatively simple, and no additional equipment such as pressure vessels, air compressors, circulation pumps and so on are required, so that the overall investment cost is less. In addition, the device is small in size, so that too much space is not needed, and a lot of civil investment can be saved.


Advantage 2: The operating cost of the cavitation air flotation is low.

Due to the relatively simple composition of the cavitation air flotation, part of the power consumption can be saved. In comparison, because the operation of the equipment is relatively simple, there is no complex equipment, the manual operation and maintenance workload are less, reducing the labor cost and maintenance costs.


Advantage 3: The treatment effect of the cavitation air flotation is remarkable.

From the practical application, the removal rate of the oil and solid suspended solids (SS) in the sewage can reach more than 80 %, and the removal rate of BOD and COD can reach more than 60 %. In addition, the oxidation of sulfide can be promoted, and the sulfur content in the sewage can be reduced.


Advantage 4: The cavitation air flotation has stable performance and simple operation.

Because a lot of components are omitted, the operation skills of the cavitation air flotation are easy to master. In fact, the whole system consists of only two mechanical parts, unlike the dissolved air flotation system, which also includes the pressure vessel, air compressor, circulating pump and many other equipment.