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The design procedure and operation advantages of the wastewater bar screen
- Oct 26, 2017 -

In the making process of the wastewater bar screen, after edging and hot dip galvanizing surface treatment, the weight of the product will increase. To the general industrial platform, the weight will be added 12 ~ 16 %. The area of the wastewater bar screen is actually paid steel grating number multiplied by the sum of the length and width under the circumstance of without drawing and according to the size provided by the user.

The wastewater bar screen has many advantages. The whole product can reduce the sunlight exposure and indoor thermal radiation, to achieve energy saving effect. The whole product's ventilation is good. It does not affect the overall visual effect after use and it is beautiful and durable.

In the design process of the wastewater bar screen, the designer can effectively according to the needs of the guests to match design. Its variability is better. In the connection process, it can be firm and repeated disassembly. The maintenance of the wastewater bar screen is very convenient.

The wastewater bar screen very saves material. Under the same load condition, it is the most material way. Accordingly,it can reduce the material of the supporting structure, save the investment, material, manual work and time limit, and exempt the cleaning and maintenance. Use the screw bolt to strengthen the installed strut, which one person can complete.

In the use, the wastewater bar screen does not need to be reprocessed in the scene. The entire product installation is very rapid. It does the hot dip galvanizing antiseptic treatment before leaving the factory. It has impact resistance, strong weight pressing, beautiful appearance, specification design, ventilation and light, providing the smooth modern feeling.

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