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The characteristics and composition of the Round dissolved air flotation machine and its specific model
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Round dissolved air flotation machine, which is a specific type of dissolved air flotation machine, is also in this category of air flotation machine. Therefore, if you want to familiarize yourself with and understand all types of air floaters, you cannot omit this type of equipment. Otherwise, you cannot achieve the goal. Moreover, only by using this type of dissolved air flotation machine correctly and standardly, can we obtain good results and reflect the usefulness and value of the equipment.


1. Features of Round dissolved air Flotation Machine

Round dissolved air flotation machine is a type of dissolved air flotation machine. Therefore, the characteristics of this air flotation machine are similar to those of ordinary dissolved air flotation machine. Specifically, it is:


(1) The flotation machine has good performance, good treatment effect and stability, and can meet the standard emission and be recycled.

(2) The equipment is easy to install and easy to operate. Therefore, it is not difficult and easy for operators to grasp.

(3) Circular dissolving air flotation machine has a high scum concentration and a small amount of sludge during the treatment process, and it is easy to carry out the dehydration operation. In addition, the treatment process is well-designed and the processing costs are low.


2.QFY type Round dissolved air flotation machine

QFY type Round dissolved air flotation machine, which is a specific type of Round dissolved air flotation machine, is mainly used in sewage treatment. This air flotation machine uses the principle of dissolved air flotation and designs a new type of dissolved air system to ensure that the equipment has a good treatment effect. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for the treatment of industrial waste water.


QFY type Round dissolved air flotation machine, which uses a steel structure, its working principle is: through the pump air into the pressure dissolved gas tank, dissolved in water under a certain pressure. After that, the air in the water is precipitated by the sudden release and a large number of microbubbles are formed, so that the air bubbles can adsorb the suspended matter in the water and float at the same time, thereby removing the SS and CODcr in the waste water or the polluted water.


3. The composition of a Round dissolved air flotation machine


Air flotation machine: It is the main body and core of the equipment. Generally, it adopts a round steel structure and has internal components such as a releaser, a cloth distributor, a sludge pipe, a water outlet pipe, a sludge tank, and a scraper. In addition, it is also the key to the generation of microbubbles, which are used to adsorb the flocs in the water and thus achieve this purpose.

Dissolved gas system: It mainly consists of four parts: dissolved gas tank, gas tank, air compressor and high pressure pump. The dissolved gas tank is more important to allow the water and air to fully contact and accelerate the air dissolution rate.

Pharmacy tanks: Typically round steel tanks for dissolving and storing liquids with agitation. Its size is determined by the size of the flotation capacity.