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The basic composition and scope of the full bridge scraper
- Jul 19, 2018 -

The full-bridge scraper is mainly composed of a working bridge, a central support and a collector, a driving device, a scraping arm, a scraper, a guide tube, a slag baffle, a water discharge slab, a slag slag device and a control cabinet. The sewage flows out from the bottom of the pool through the upper part of the center buttress, and after the water is distributed through the guide tube, the effluent flows to the sump outside the pool. As the radiation flow rate decreases, the suspended solids in the raw water are separated and settled at the bottom of the pool.


At the same time, the rotating truss of the full-bridge scraper is centered on the center support, and the end running wheel rotates along the periphery of the pool under the action of the driving device, which drives the lower scraper to rotate slowly and scrapes to In the sedimentation tank, a mud collecting tank is used, and the water is discharged outside the tank by water pressure.


The full-bridge scraper can scrape the sludge and evenly send it to the sludge bucket for 24 hours of continuous operation every day. The speed of the mud does not affect the effective removal of the sludge. The scraper is operating normally without shock, vibration and abnormal sound.


The excellent performance makes the full-bridge scraper suitable for the circular primary sedimentation tank and the secondary sedimentation tank with central water inlet and surrounding water discharge. The sludge settled on the bottom of the tank is collected by the scraper at the bottom of the scraper. The mud collecting pit at the bottom of the pool is discharged from the bottom of the pool by the mud discharging pipe at the bottom of the pool; the floating slag on the surface of the pool is scraped into the slag discharging slag through the scraping slag plate, and discharged into the slag slag well through the slag discharging hopper.