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The application field and advantages of the dissolved air flotation system
- Dec 09, 2017 -

In terms of the current application, dissolved air flotation system is often used in the fields of water supply, industrial waste water and urban sewage treatment. The advantages of the dissolved air flotation system are that it not only has the advantages of less investment and small floor space, but also has the high performance of high automation and easy operation and management.


For the operator, the automatic gas-liquid separation tank of the dissolved gas system can be automatically adjusted according to the actual working requirements in the process of using the dissolved gas flotation system. During use, the whole system can not only maintain the stable operation, but also meet the requirements of frequent start and shutdown. After rebooting, there is no need to debug again, reducing a lot of trouble.


Therefore, in the current market of our country, the introduction and innovation of the dissolved air flotation system make it get good application. At present, the main application fields include removal of various heavy metal ions, electroplating combined sewage treatment, oil-water separation of oil refining and various oily waste water, grease and chroma removal of tanning waste water, separation of biomembrane after biological treatment of various sewage, decoloration treatment of printing and dyeing waste water and impurity separation and so on.


In addition, dissolved air flotation system also shows its powerful function in sludge concentration treatment. And it can also be used for algae removal in water supply engineering and waste water treatment of casing processing projects.


The dissolved air flotation system not only has compact and reasonable structure design, is very convenient for hoisting and transportation, but also is convenient to install. At the same time, the dissolved gas technology is adopted, and the dissolved gas efficiency of the dissolved gas system is more than 80 %. In addition, the advanced new type of releaser is used to solve the problem of blockage, and the releaser efficiency is more than 99 %. The diameters of the bubbles are all below 50 μm.


It should be noted that in the daily use of the dissolved air flotation system, the staff should adhere to the daily operation records, including water treatment, water temperature, dosage, dissolved air water, dissolved air tank pressure, power consumption and influent quality and effluent quality. In addition, according to the operation needs of the dissolved gas flotation system, the dosage can be appropriately increased, so as to ensure the normal quality of the effluent.