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The advantage and use of horizontal three phase separator
- Apr 10, 2018 -

The horizontal three phase separator is mainly used for gas-solid-liquid three-phase separation in the process of operation, and belongs to separation equipment. The separator is composed of a mud silo and a water storage tank, and the two are connected one above the other. The silo is composed of a cylinder body, a head, an air inlet, an air outlet, a filter assembly, a mud barrier, a mud discharger, a drain outlet, and a manhole.

Common FRP horizontal three phase separator, FRP is a good insulator, to be used safely in the flammable, explosive oil and gas environment, how to prevent the accumulation of static electricity generated in the flow of oil, gas and static electricity, It has become a key issue for successful development.

The main advantages of the horizontal three phase separator

1. The system is compact.

2. High separation efficiency.

3. High performance flexibility.

4. Customized design according to customer specifications.

5. Clean and dirty conditions alternative.

6. Quickly open the device.

7. Shell design meets ASME standard or non-standard design.

8. Efficient separation of hydrocarbons, gases, free water, solids.

9. Low investment, operation and maintenance costs.

Horizontal three-phase separator use

Horizontal three-phase separators are mostly used in upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactors (UASB) in biological wastewater treatment to separate digestive, digestive and sludge particles. The digestion gas is led out from the top of the reactor, and the sludge particles automatically slide down to settle into the sludge bed at the bottom of the reactor, and the digested water comes out of the clarification zone.