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Structural requirements and characteristic of the center-drive sludge scraper
- Oct 17, 2017 -

The raw water of the center-drive sludge scraperis distributed to the overflow tank around the pool after the water distribution of the central water distribution cylinder. With the decrease of the flow rate, the suspended matter in the water body is separated and settled at the bottom of the tank. The supernatant is discharged out of the pool through the downflow weir plate.

The center-drive sludge scraper mainly uses the tank bottom to scrape the mud. The driving gear adopts the deceleration driving mechanism. The structure is compact and the mechanical efficiency is high. Install the scraper rubber tile under the stainless steel scraper to ensure the scraping mud is completely clean and there will be no floating sludge.

The bottom slope ratio of the center-drive sludge scraper is 1: 10. When scraping the mud, the resistance of the mud can be ignored. The main girder is manufactured by the square steel. The structural strength is high. It uses the hot-dip galvanizing spraying surface coat technology and has a strong corrosion resistance. The main girder also can be casted by the concrete and the investment will be saved.

When using the center-drive sludge scraper, the whole equipment is driven by the central transmission. The sewage will flow from the lower water inlet under the operating bridge into the draft tube. After spreading , it will outflow to the surrounding area with the radiation shape evenly.

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