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Structural characteristics and composition requirements of horizontal flow air flotation machine
- Dec 01, 2018 -

The flat-flow air flotation machine is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment commonly used in the sewage treatment industry when it is used. It can effectively remove suspended solids, oils and gels in the sewage to a certain extent, and is the main equipment for pre-treatment of sewage. The main body of the horizontal flow air flotation machine is a rectangular steel structure. The main components are composed of a dissolved air pump, an air compressor, a dissolved gas system, a scraping system, and the like.

The dissolved gas tank of the horizontal flow air flotation machine produces small bubbles with a particle size of 20-40um, and the adherent floc is firm, which can achieve a good air floatation effect. When used, the flocculant is used less, the cost is reduced, and the operation is performed. The procedures are easy to master, and the water quality and quantity are easy to control, and it is very simple to manage.

The horizontal flow air flotation machine is provided with a backwashing system to a certain extent, and the release device is not easily blocked, and the dissolved gas tank generates dissolved gas water, and the dissolved gas water is released to the water to be treated by the release device under reduced pressure. The air dissolved in the water is released from the water to form tiny fine bubbles of 20-40 um, and the microbubbles are combined with the suspended matter in the sewage, so that the specific gravity of the suspended matter is less than water, and gradually floats to the surface to form scum. A scraper system is provided on the water surface to scrape the scum into the sludge tank. Clear water enters the clear water pool from the lower part through the overflow trough.