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Shallow Flotation Equipment Technical Requirements for Treatment
- Aug 12, 2017 -

Shallow flotation equipment is the key to pretreatment of sewage, choose a good shallow flotation equipment for sewage treatment is a good start. Equipment is a new equipment and new technology, effective in the company to undertake the water supply and drainage treatment projects for enterprises to solve a large number of practical problems, effectively creating a significant social and economic benefits.

Shallow flotation equipment in the process of processing, the pool of water is very shallow, the general water level will be effectively controlled at 600 mm or so, this will be to a certain extent, greatly shorten the flotation time, usually in 3 ~ 5 min to complete the air flotation process.

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The air flotation efficiency of the shallow flotation equipment can be improved by more than 5 times that of the puff of the jet, and the dissolved gas of the equipment is unique and the structure is very small, but the dissolved gas is very good. Better than other airborne form of the key.

Shallow flotation equipment, the water is very uniform, the entire equipment to release the water will rise directly in the use of basic no horizontal flow, so that to a certain extent, effectively avoid the impact of cross-flow on the floating effect.

Shallow flotation equipment is unique, the whole device is the use of its continuous operation of the rotary spoon-type pulp feeder, so that the accumulation of suspended solids in the upper and timely, and the interference is very small, to avoid the re-sink The Release device has the characteristics of the release of uniform, is conducive to improving the air float effect.

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