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Shallow air flotation machine's main features
- Mar 03, 2018 -

Shallow air flotation machine in the course of its dissolved air flotation is a major way, the device's main set of equipment skimming, precipitation, condensation, flotation and scraping mud as a whole, the overall shallow flotation machine Cylindrical in shape, compact in construction and shallow in use.

Shallow air flotation device of the main body consists of five parts, dissolved gas release mechanism, frame mechanism, rotating water distribution mechanism, pool body, water collection agencies, etc., in the process of operation, its inlet, outlet and scum The discharge outlets are all concentrated in the central area of the cell body. The water distribution mechanism, the water collecting mechanism and the dissolved air release mechanism are closely connected with the frame and rotate around the center of the cell body.

Shallow air flotation machine's main features

1. Shallow air flotation machine in the process of running its water flow rate is low, the water wall speed is close to zero speed, so that the pool of water without agitation, so that will make the water particles in the static floating or settlement , The high degree of purification of the entire equipment, the removal of suspended solids can reach 91%.

2. Shallow air flotation machine dissolved gas utilization is high, in the operation of the effective use of its pressure is higher dissolved gas pipe, the unit dissolved gas rate up to 90%, flotation effect.

3. Shallow air flotation machine floating without interference, in the course of the operation of the water depth is generally 650mm, the entire device floating path is short, fast and low resistance.

4. Reasonable skimmer bucket, skimmer slag Skimmer stirring small, good effect.